saturday spotlight: blogiversary bash results...and then some

May 29, 2015

okee dokee. i've decided to call an end to the festivities a few days early. it's my party, and i can if i want to. :]

thank you to everyone who participated, especially those of you who hung around after the festivities began and involved themselves in all the things i'd lined up.

the results are thus:

nine blogiversary bashers contributed guest posts. the one i found to be the best-composed and most inventive was shane's comparison of relationships to copper; tiffany's tutorial on making flower crowns received the greatest number of comments--twenty-one; and erin's post about cotton and comfort raked in the most page views--one hundred seventy-nine.

a fourth prize will be given to the individual who left the most comments in the month of may. for the sake of fairness, one person cannot score two of the four prizes. it is for this reason that a concession had to be made in respect to the winner of the fourth prize. in actuality, erin left the most comments with sixteen, but the award goes to kristie, who offered twelve. lauren, by the way, left eleven and amy left ten. i thank you four ladies immensely for reading picky so frequently and leaving it so much love. yall are rock stars to me. bless you.

winners for these four prizes will be contacted individually.

i was trying to have little trivia contests throughout the month as well, but with the weather being what it is and the month kind of wearing on me, that one sort of fell by the wayside. i do want to thank kristie and lauren for their emails. i thank you ladies very much for playing. i have put your prizes in the mail, though i will admit, kristie, yours didn't go out 'til memorial day. sorry for the delay.

i have also concluded the picky pack giveaway a day early. amy won that particular prize. please go congratulate her. she's a sweet, sweet gal, yall. a good, kind soul who i think may be struggling in the blogging world, like i do from time to time, with her confidence.

regretfully, no one completed the scavenger hunt.

thank you, again, SO much to those who participated. i love you all for having done so.


  1. Congrats to all the winner. Happy 10 years of blogging.

  2. It was fun! I wanted to complete the scavenger hunt but I am a little late to the party! Guess that is the problem when I unplug myself from the internet and such! :-) Thanks for all the fun!