blogiversary bash post the seventh: shane

May 18, 2015

today's post is brought to yall by one of my favorite bloggers, shane at sea salt secrets. this girl's got a huge presence in the blogging world, and i am so, so thrilled that she agreed to participate in this lil shindig i'm having. shane's written about a copper conundrum.

Do you ever find yourself acting differently based on the company with which you are surrounded? Consider your varying mannerisms in a professional environment versus a night out with friends versus a family holiday. You may not always realize this as much as others who know you well will pick up on it.  

Much like a person, copper will adapt to its surrounding circumstances. If you’ve ever sipped on a Moscow Mule next to a toasty fire, you know exactly what I am talking about. The metal quickly adapts the icy temperature of the cocktail as the copper mug gives an extra-cool sensation to your hands and lips.

How about when you find the one who seems to balance out your personality perfectly? The areas where they lack are your strong suits and vice versa. It’s almost as if a magnetic connection has brought two polar points together to merge as one in seamless fashion.

Likewise, copper enhances the distinct tastes of a Moscow Mule. A vodka superstar mixed with fizzy ginger beer and tart lime juice makes for the perfect chilled concoction. Copper's unique properties allow oxidation to boost aroma and enhance flavors of the vodka. The bubbles dance wildly as the carbonated ginger beer fizzes. Tangy citrus notes are accentuated and to overpower acidity and best accompany the spicy ginger beer.

Copper is renowned for its reliability, longevity, and quick adaptation. If you follow suit and whip up a Moscow Mule, you will come to unexpected revelations of your own over a simple, yet complex cocktail.


  1. I do agree, whether we want to or not, we absolutely augment our behavior depending on our company or situation. I have never had a moscow mule because I have never had a carbonated beverage, but I have wondered why other drinks aren't served in other glasses besides glass like the moscow mule.

  2. I love Moscow Mules and I love the way you put into words how we each adapt and add to our behaviors given situations.