blogiversary bash guest post the sixth: karen

May 15, 2015

today's blogiversary bash post is brought to yall by karen at karen at the field. karen's another friend from my high school days, and i'm so glad she agreed to provide picky with this post.
how sweet it is...

I don’t remember the first time I ever tasted candy. It might have been on one of my earliest Trick or Treat outings on Halloween. After coming home from a night of running door to door in the neighborhood, I would dump out my treats on the kitchen table. I would divvy up the chocolate from the Tootsie Roll Pops and Starbursts and other gooey treats. Sometimes, there would be money or a popcorn ball. I would count out the paieces, excited over the spoils of an evening’s work. I would savor the stash of candy over the next month or so – I probably would have eaten all the chocolate in one setting, but my mother had rules about such things.

It’s amazing how excited I got over such a simple thing as candy. Besides Halloween candy, we sometimes would get caramel squares from the grocery store, and every now and then, a candy bar or Tootsie Rolls. I remember sneaking Hershey’s Kisses or pieces of candy from any candy dish I got near. And of course, Easter egg hunts. I remember winning a chocolate bunny at the first hunt I ever attended. There’s still a picture of me with that bunny. I remember thinking it was better than a trophy. Whenever I was happy, anxious, or bored (or stuck in the middle of studying at college), candy was there to break up the monotony.

These days, I hardly think about candy. I pass by the rack in the grocery checkout line without a second thought. We do have a dish of candy on the countertop at home, but most days, I pass by with only a momentary glance. The cares and worries that I have are too much for a piece of candy to solve, and excitement to me these days is having a productive work day or light traffic on the way home. And the truth is, I’m supposed to be cleaning up my diet and getting back to running and exercising like I once did. I really shouldn’t be thinking about candy.

But with everything going on in my life and in the world today, it seems like we need more of the sweet, simple pleasures, like candy, or a walk in the park, or sitting down in a quiet corner and not thinking about anything, but just being. After a whirlwind spring, I think I will take a moment and savor the small things while I have a chance. And that includes candy. I think I’ll start with some Kit Kats and go from there. How sweet it is to savor the good things in life, dentist be damned!


  1. In honor of this post, I'm having some candy! How good was Halloween trick-or-treating?!

  2. I think I was meant to read this post at this time. I am eating a kit-kat and pb cup right now. Chocolate will never be cleaned out of my diet. Yay for sweet things!