blogiversary bash guest post the second: erin

May 4, 2015

today i have for yall the second guest post in the picky days of may blogiversary bash and blogging competition, brought to you by erin.

hi there, i don't usually type in all lowercase, but this is jenn's blog, and i'm trying it her way.

i'm erin, a texas woman who has known jenn for 25+ years.  we reconnected through facebook a few years ago, and i'm glad we did.  for six+ years, i've lived in sydney,, i came up with the oh-so-clever name for my blog texerin-in-sydneyland - go check me out.  enough about me (well, not really, because i'll be talking about myself again).

jenn is having a ten year blogiversary.  that's pretty amazing stuff.  when she asked for volunteers to guest post, i responded immediately because i will always do what i can to promote jenn's blog.  her posts are honest and show a lot of strength and stellar writing.  so, here i go, guest posting...

jenn gave me two words - cotton and china.  the first thought that came into my mind was the cotton bowl.  my beloved texas aggies played, and i attended many games at the cotton bowl.  but i started bouncing the words back and forth.  when i thought further about cotton, i got literal.  cotton is a crop with soft, natural, fluff balls.  cotton as a fabric is thought to be comfortable.  well, not "thought to be", it is comfortable.  i started thinking about comfort.........

sometimes being too comfortable is looked upon in a negative light - if you stay in a relationship because it's comfortable but it's not exactly fulfilling your emotional needs, or you stay in a job because you're too comfortable but it's not exactly challenging or fulfilling your passions.

but, i like comfort.  i like to be comfortable.  i like soft cotton t-shirts, especially my old concert tees that have been washed 1000 times and are authentic (not purchased at target with old concert logos, although i own some of those too.)
Like this Bon Jovi shirt when Germany was still listed as "W. Germany", and they didn't go to "E. Germany" for rock concerts.
what else brings me comfort?  that natural, soft feeling (similarities to cotton) or even feeling snug, safe, and secure...what gives me those feelings of comfort?
  • hot tea
  • fuzzy blankets
  • a good book
  • a hot bath
  • mashed potatoes (i have a lot of comfort foods, but this is #1)
  • as mentioned before, overwashed cotton t-shirts
  • kitty cuddles
  • a big hug from my dad
  • being held by my guy
  • a kiss on the cheek from my mom
  • love actually
  • spiced candles
  • hoodies
  • amaretto (neat)
  • sunsets/sunrises
  • slow songs by willie nelson (i have a lot of comfort songs, but these always seem to work)
  • talking to a friend who sometimes knows me better than i know myself
  • knowing that my nieces and nephew are happy and healthy
  • feather pillows
  • cotton sheets
  • my bare feet in cool grass
  • the sound of waves rolling in on a beach
  • the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking 

What are some things that bring you comfort?
thanks to jenn for allowing me to participate.  it's good to stretch my mind, think, write...and especially good to think about things that bring me comfort.  i need this reminder from time to time.  and i need to surround myself with these things too. happy 10 year blogiversary, jenn!

erin finds neat link-ups and loves to join in... like this post on australian verses american english. she also blogs a lot about books and music. hers is kind of a fun place. go say howdy.


  1. i love your thought process Erin! and mashed potatoes are my go-to comfort food as well :)

    1. I have a saying..."I love all things cheese and all things potato". I could possibly eat mashed potatoes 7 days a weeks, 52 weeks a year.

  2. I love this! Hugs from dads are definitely one of the best, most comforting things in the world. I love my old cotton tees too, but my broken in Levis are definitely the best!

    1. Yep, I love old jeans too. Unfortunately, I've gained some weight and can't fit into my comfy pairs :(

  3. Amaretto neat and old t shirts rock! I have this one Ohio State shirt that I cannot give up no matter how old it is!

    1. The warmth of Amaretto is so soothing and comforting. I have a sweatshirt that was my first solo purchase in college (I bought it with my first semester's books). That was 1991. Yikes!

  4. Great post, Erin! I love my old concert shirts as well, I would never get rid of them! There are so many things that give me comfort. Kitty & bunny cuddles, going for walks in the woods, books, magazines, cuddling up on the couch watching tv shows, hot water bottles, going to flea markets. warm blankets and socks, baking and cooking, more books,....:)
    And Jenn, happy blogiversary! 10 years, that is so fabulous! <3

    1. Thanks for popping over to see my post. Cuddling up on the couch with my fuzzy blanket is always good.