blogiversary bash guest post the fourth: tiffany

May 8, 2015

hey yall, today i have for you a lovely post by tiffany, to whom my first guest poster, kristie, was kind enough to introduce me. she's very new to picky, but i'm so glad to include her.

Hello everyone! I'm Tiffany, and I blog at Endless Bliss, a happy lifestyle blog where I try to spread a little more happiness into the world. I enjoy blogging about my love of books, entertainment, writing, traveling, and inspiring others. I'm so excited to bring you this super fun and relatively simple flower crown tutorial. 

 photo diy flower crown_zpstofdvvmz.png

I like to refer to spring season as "Flower Crown Season" because that's when all of my flower crowns come out to play. I love florals, and spring is the perfect time to show them off. My favorite way to do that is with wearing an excessive amount of flower crowns.

There are so many places to get cute flower crowns, but if you want your crowns to be one-of-a-kind (and not put a huge dent in your wallet), you can try your hand at making them. It's so easy to make your own custom flower crown with just four tools.

Here's what you'll need:

 photo crown materials_zpsrvrwi0ny.png

I already had wire cutters, so that's not something I needed to buy. The floral wire cost about $2, and the floral tape just cost $1. I bought four flower bunches (a mix of gardenias and roses), and they cost $1 each. Total, this project cost me $7, but I could easily make lots more flower crowns with the wire and floral tape, so all I'd have to buy is some more flowers. I got mine from Wal-Mart, but you can also get them at Michael's, Hobby Lobby or even Dollar Tree. 


1 // Make a circle with the floral wire and measure it against your head. I made mine a little bigger for those frizzy hair days. My hair is pretty thick, and it grows with all of the spring moisture in the air.

2 // Make three rings with the wire and secure it by wrapping a fourth layer of wire around all three of them. 

 photo crown wire_zpsbibu4v7x.png

3 // Using your wire cutters, cut the flowers so you'll have individual cuts. 

4 // Using the wire, wrap the flower stems around the flower crown in the desired pattern.

 photo crown wrap_zps7voazvyg.png 
5 // Continue doing this until the wire looks full with beautiful flowers.

6 // Using the floral tape, cover up the wire (pay close attention to the parts with wires sticking out. Cover up these parts with a little extra tape so a) they won't cut you, and b) they don't get stuck in your hair. 

 photo crown finished_zpsh7nda7zw.png

7 // Model your crown and show it off to your friends. 

 photo flower crown_zps53kqmmfe.png

 photo flower crown 1_zpsz4klmhtp.png

Some parts may seem a little tedious, but my advice is to turn Netflix on so you can multi-task. It makes making flower crowns even more fun. 

I hope y'all enjoyed this DIY flower crown tutorial. For even more fun posts, you can visit my blog, Endless Bliss. You can also check out my YouTube channel, which is full of a lot of random fun.  I hope you have a beautiful day!
thank you, tiffany, for this gorgeous craft tutorial.


  1. Love this DIY. Also really enjoy Tiffany's blog.

  2. Thanks so much for having me! I had a blast making this! I'm officially addicted and want to make a million more.

  3. O.M.G. I tried to make a flower crown the other day out of buttercups and FAILED. This is number one on my summer craft list.

  4. So cute! I'm not sure that flower crowns are my style but you look GREAT! Awesome guest post!

    How 2 Wear It ...

  5. This is adorable! Flower crowns definitely are not my thing, but you are owning it girlfriend!


  6. I've always wanted to make my own flower crowns, but I assumed it would be too time-consuming. Yours is stunning though. I'm definitely going to try making my own soon!

  7. Tiffany is so cute and her flower crown tutorial is spot on! I love making my own flower crowns to frolic around outside in the summer!

  8. Love this DIY.
    I have never worn a flower crown before but I think they're very cute.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  9. How fun! I always associate flower crowns with music festivals this time of year. I'm sure they will start popping up all over the place. Great tutorial!

  10. So beautiful for summer!

    Allyssa | Life with Lyss

  11. I absolutely love this. Totally Pinterest-worthy.

  12. Oh my gosh. Agreed with above! Pinterest-worthy. She's so good!

    Lauren Ashley

  13. How cute! I could never pull something like this off, but I would totally buy one for some of my friends!

  14. Thanks for such an amazing tutorial! That flower crown looks AMAZING! I've been wanting one, so maybe it's time to make my own :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  15. So cute! I've been wanting one so maybe I can plan a girls day where we can all make them!

    Anchors and Pearls

  16. This is such a beautiful flower crown! I am getting one soon, but I would love to make even more. I might have to try using this tutorial this summer!

  17. I had no idea they were that easy to make!! Yours is so adorable!

    Diary of a Debutante

  18. This is such a cute DIY! I love how your flower crown turned out!

  19. I wish I could pull that off! Looks great on you!

  20. I love this project. I may need to do this with niece, I think she would love it.

  21. love this DIY. I'd much rather make my flower headband than buy one that will fall apart!