blogiversary bash guest post the eighth: amy

May 21, 2015

Hello Everyone! I'm Amy, and I blog over at Amy's Fashion Blog about fashion, my fitness journey and more. I'm so happy to be a part of Jenn's Blogiversary Bash.
Congrats, again, Jenn on your tenth year of blogging.

Every month on my blog I do a remix recap post. This month I decided to showcase my linen pants that I got for 4.99 at Charlotte Russ a few years ago. Linen pants are the perfect kind of pants to have in your closet. They aren't so heavy, so their perfect for the warmer months. Not only that they are so versatile. 

You can dress the linen pants up or down. The pair I got have buttons on the side, so they can be worn as long or cropped pants. I have worn mine a total of twenty-two times on my blog and a few times off the blog. I loved these pants so much. Then I had to retire them in 2013 due to the fact that got a hole in them. Out of the three years I had them, I sure got my money worth. 

My average cost per wear was twenty-three cents. 

What is your favorite way to wear linen pants?


  1. Thanks for having me guest post for you.

  2. I am someone who doesn't like to iron so linen isn't exactly my best friend, but I think those pants look really great on you!

  3. That is an awesome return on a fashion investment!