the good in my day: march

March 31, 2015

bodycology pure white gardenia foaming bodywash. james, andy and jerry. adam, blake and pharrell. james and latasha. ralph lauren. bicycles. mass. the wonder twins. blueberry muffins. i did the laundry... ALL the laundry. scot. dirty dancing. kiani, mr. giles and mrs. wright. premium saltines and kraft american cheese slices. melissa. chevalier. scot. jackass and monkey. payday. hamilton, texas--cute little town... a bright spot on an impossibly long trek to lubbock on a very bleak day. cheddar's. melissa. greg, deanne and blaine. fudrucker's. sleeping soundly for several hours without having needed some p.m. product to get me to sleep. azaleas. mumford and sons' believe. sheryl's hallmark. cbs' sunday morning. landry's seafood house. blue bell ice cream.

1 comment :

  1. I love that you leave out Xtina from the list. I watched last season's on youtube. Couldn't do it this time with her back.

    How good are Premium Saltines??