the good in my day: march

March 31, 2015

bodycology pure white gardenia foaming bodywash. james, andy and jerry. adam, blake and pharrell. james and latasha. ralph lauren. bicycles. mass. the wonder twins. blueberry muffins. i did the laundry... ALL the laundry. scot. dirty dancing. kiani, mr. giles and mrs. wright. premium saltines and kraft american cheese slices. melissa. chevalier. scot. jackass and monkey. payday. hamilton, texas--cute little town... a bright spot on an impossibly long trek to lubbock on a very bleak day. cheddar's. melissa. greg, deanne and blaine. fudrucker's. sleeping soundly for several hours without having needed some p.m. product to get me to sleep. azaleas. mumford and sons' believe. sheryl's hallmark. cbs' sunday morning. landry's seafood house. blue bell ice cream.

why i rarely take vacations... also called why i rarely lose weight... also called I AM AN IDIOT.

March 9, 2015

february twenty-sixth.
whataburger. small coca-cola, double meat whataburger with cheese.
eight dollars, ten cents.
kroger. two hershey bars, vick's zzquil, bottle dasani water. 
eleven dollars, fifty-six cents.

february twenty-seventh.
live oak cleaners. two batches of dry-cleaning. 
forty-six dollars, ninety-four cents.
chevron. canned coca-cola, hershey bar. 
three dollars, twenty-three cents.
pinkberry. small cup of white chocolate raspberry. 
three dollars, seventy-nine cents.
pottery barn teen. small ultimate beauty organizer. 
twenty-five dollars, fifty-eight cents.
chic-fil-a. chic-fil-a sandwich with cheese, medium coca-cola. 
five dollars, sixty-one cents.
best buy. ten-pack color blank cds.
eleven dollars, ninety cents.
itunes. music.
one dollar, forty cents.

february twenty-eighth.
panera. large iced tea, half of a fuji apple chicken salad, cup of broccoli and cheddar soup, french baguette, chocolate pastry.
eleven dollars, thirty-four cents.
bank. cash withdrawal. 
sixty dollars, no cents.
(because i have no sense... i'm pretty sure half of this went toward fight night fun times at twin peaks.)

march fourth.
which wich. turkey sandwich, bottle dasani water.
eleven dollars, ten cents.
pinkberry. small cup of white chocolate raspberry. 
three dollars, seventy-nine cents.

march fifth.
panera. large iced tea.
two dollars, thirty-seven cents.
pinkberry. small cup of white chocolate raspberry. 
three dollars, seventy-nine cents.
whataburger. medium coca-cola, whataburger with cheese.
six dollars, sixty-nine cents.
exxon. gasoline. 
fifteen dollars, no cents.

march sixth.
gullo toyota. three-month maintenance. 
sixty-nine dollars, thirty-four cents.
village pharmacy. pills.
twenty-two dollars, no cents.
pinkberry. small cups of original, chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate raspberry.
seven dollars, fifty-eight cents.
(no. they were NOT all for me.)
whataburger. small sprite, whataburger with cheese.
five dollars, ninety-three cents.

march seventh.
chic-fil-a. fish sandwich with cheese, medium fries, medium coca-cola. 
five dollars, sixty-one cents.
kroger. hershey bar, kotex and playtex. 
sixteen dollars, forty-one cents.

march eighth.
exxon. gasoline. 
fifteen dollars, one cent.
fudruckers. canned coca-cola, third-pound cheeseburger, onion rings. 
ten dollars, ninety-three cents.

march ninth.
lenny's sub shop. tuna fish sandwich, dr. pepper, cheetos. 
nine dollars, forty-two cents.

total amount blown over twelve damned days
 three hundred ninety-four dollars, seventy-two cents.

random quarter: the q&a edition - march

March 3, 2015

one. salty or sweet? salty.

two. did you sleep alone last night? yes.

three. what's your favorite word (right now)? fuck. always and forever.

four. who's your nemesis? myself.

five. it's not a good idea to experiment with people's feelings.

six. what's the last song you listened to? new york state of mind.

seven. what is the last movie you rented? the hundred foot journey. (maybe?)

eight. what was something you wanted today but couldn't have? being held by a man.

nine. where do you live? conroe, texas.

ten. if you could add one hour to your day, what would you do with it? sleep.

eleven. what is true? i'm still in my pajamas.

twelve. what do you not want to talk about? sex.

thirteen. what do you want to buy? a beach vacation.

fourteen. what new activity have you tried? i haven't.

fifteen. in three words describe your spirituality. catholicism, astrology, mythology.

sixteen. what was the last book you read? fangirl.

seventeen. the first thing i ate today was club minis and coca-cola.

eighteen. jot down a news story from today. netanyahu bad deal on iran.

nineteen. are you country or rock'n'roll (or hip-hop, emo, folk punk... )? rock'n'roll.

twenty. adam, blake and pharrell made me laugh.

twenty-one. who do you aspire to be like? no one, lately.

twenty-two. when was the last time you felt like you were on top of the world? october third.

twenty-three. pick a color for today. gray.

twenty-four. what inventions can you not live without? music, stories, television and internet.

twenty-five. how could today have been better? more gumption. more clarity.

the good in my day: february

March 1, 2015

the patriots beat the seahawks!!! sarah, yvette, caterine and tyson. meredith. jennifer and maureen. fudrucker's. boom clap. the drive to san antonio. the riverwalk. melissa. stephanie, becca, danny and samantha. kim. scot. dianne. melissa and scot. keli. snickerdoodles. advil p.m. coca-cola and hershey's milk chocolate. gabriel. jenn, meredith, kimberly and mary. mahjong. bodycology pure white gardenia foaming bodywash. cheap trick. martina mcbride. aerosmith. acdc. grace.

i love how much of the good was caused by camaraderie. that's a rare thing for me, to be able to appreciate people so well. i am so, so pleased that i could do so this month.