because i've not blogged in fifteen days...

January 20, 2015

one. that packers game. what. the. h. e. double l. all those fucking field goals. all those calls for lacy to run left. russell wilson SUCKED for like ninety-five percent of that game. the pack HAD it. i'm so pissed.

two. deflate-gate. PATRIOTS!!! DOING YOUR JOB DOESN'T MEAN RIGGING THE GAME, DAMMIT!!! refs! if the balls weren't standard, yall should've called it DURING THE GAME not the day after. colts! you managed to score SEVEN STINKING POINTS. yall got your asses handed to you, like i knew you would; blaming it on some sorry balls JUST MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE SORRY BALLS.

three. right before i fell asleep last night, my body jolted like when phineas got his ass crushed by a toyota sienna. (a fucking minivan killed my car. i'm still pissed about that, by the way. i still look for him in the parking lot.) jolted, yall. scared the crap out of me. that's some crazy shit. i felt like i'd been broadsided.

four. i'm pissed about a lot of things right now. it's easier to handle the anger caused by football games and vehicular damage (things i usually can't control) than that caused by family drama, fear and failure (things i usually can).
five. the normal heart. i know. i'm REALLY late to the party. my god. what a beautifully crafted story. what a way to take rage and make something good of it. what a spectacular acting job. i'm serious, yall. those fellas did some truly remarkable work. i'm haunted by it.


  1. That how it was with the lions game vs the cowboys. A lot of things made me mad today. Like the recycling center. I dropped a whole bunch of books off. Mainly text books and they threw them all in the trash.

  2. Hahaha sorry my boys (the hawks) beat the packs in the last 4 minutes. Honestly I thought the packs had it and we were done... I had started accepting it, and then my boys came out of no where with it!! Loving your blog!

  3. Oh that Pack game was so disappointing! I am sorry you are experiencing some anger right now. My thoughts are with you hoping things get better a little more each day.