the good in my day: july

July 31, 2014

the guy hardy shirts i found at academy; my older brother would've loved them, so i bought two. the abbey of our lady of the holy trinity monastery in huntsville, utah. my cousin thomas has lost a lot of weight and looks very happy; he didn't look half as good the last time i saw him. my cousin timothy. playing hearts with the family. the server i met at the radisson hotel in salt lake city; he was so kind and sweet, and i was so much in need of that kindness and sweetness in that moment. pappadeaux's blueberry lemonade. ice packs. rainbow rowell's landline. i'm caught up with laundry; that hardly ever happens. i got to go to bed very early; sometimes that's just the thing. the star wars preschool workbooks we recently stocked at pbk. the post oak tree outside my window. chatting with jesse. time with asia and gabe. the rain. conversations with stephanie. time with dianne and her family and friends. dinner with my parents (and landry's stuffed flounder). i really enjoyed work today. the feedback an agent gave in a rejection letter. pictures of the wonder twins. flowers. i found a neat blog. east shore. ken burns' film for pbs about mark twain. marble slab's swiss chocolate and birthday cake ice cream with fruity pebbles. my father's laughter. playing thirteen cards with my mother. the trailers for the films if i stay, this is where i leave you, and the disappearance of eleanor rigby. the star wars cupcake decorating set i got at work.

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  1. Love hearing about all the things that made you happy in July.