friday favorites

May 16, 2014

one. the texans got that beast there instead of that bastard manziel. now, don't get me wrong, i think johnny football's one of the best things that happened to a&m. and he's pretty awesome. as a football player. in college. but he's not consistent. he's not ready for the nfl. they'll kill him. and i don't think much of him as man. he needs to learn some humility. 

this guy, though, this jadeveon clowney. him and j.j. watt... together they should do some pretty great things. i'm eager to see what happens.

a week ago, i was dreading that the texans would draft manziel. every day i'm grateful they didn't.

two. outback steakhouse's chocolate handmade mini milkshake. this is one of those guilty pleasure things. i damned well know i shouldn't drink it. that the next day, consequences will be painful in my brain. but yall... it's so yummy. so, so yummy. (and i took two benadryl before i went to bed. that seemed to help.)

three. panera bread's blueberry muffins. really just anything blueberry. but every day before work, it's one of these and a large iced tea. and i don't care if i'm late. i gotta have it.

four. days i don't have to set the alarm clock. once upon a time and not so very long ago (okay, two years, but... to me, it still feels like months when i think of it), i had to set it EVERY SINGLE DAY for one a.m. and that happened for a hell of a lot longer than it should have. i relish the days i don't have to set it at all. because that blasted thing is LOUD. i can hear it downstairs in the kitchen... on the other side of the house.

five. cupcake cowgirls' chocolate raspberry. or the lemon raspberry one. or the italian cream. or the carrot cake. or the irish chocolate...

six. the airborne toxic event. and the house of blues houston. and september can't get here fast enough. who wants to go with me?

seven. these four stories. 

Meet At The Barre


  1. Those cupcakes look amazing

  2. Ohhhhh this post makes me so hungry!!!! Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Too many sweets for this girl...but I am glad you didn't end up with Manziel, as we discussed.
    Setting the alarm for 1 am? That's criminal. Glad you don't have to do it anymore.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!

  4. Now I'm hungry.

    I LOVE Panera Bread so much. And those milkshakes? I need one.