have i mentioned i love football?

September 30, 2013

maybe yall remember this post i wrote about tom brady versus peyton manning. i wrote it because one of the to-go servers at pappadeaux's is desperately infatuated with peyton. like we-share-the-same-last-name-so-we-must-be-blood infatuated. he's a cute kid (and i emphasize KID), this to-go server. i like sitting at the bar when he's working. i like talking football with him.

wait. i have to pause for a second. why is it the phone rings right when you've shoveled a handful of crackers in your mouth? seriously? THAT'S when you choose to call? and of course, it's my little brother. punk.

anyway. brady versus manning. i concluded that post with a quote of brady's about manning. and then i referenced and provided a link to the article from whence that quote came: the nfl's blog post about the top one hundred. and at the top is... tom brady.

which is why my post had that bit in the title about it being a sort of apology.

the thing is, folks, i think i, finally and, well, thankfully, have been converted. this is NOT to say that i don't respect tom brady as a caliber quarterback, because i do. and because i do, i can still proudly claim to be a pats fan.

whenever they play the texans, even though i love j.j. watt, i'm still gonna pray the pats beat the crap out of'm. why? because OUR quarterback's a douche. of all the quarterbacks in all the world, kubiak has to favor matt schaub. that game yesterday? they played like the aggies of not-so-long ago, kicking ass in the first half and then turning around and getting their asses kicked in the second. RIDICULOUS. wait. WAIT. it's worse than i thought. i know it looked BAD yesterday, but i'm looking at the box score on espn. in four quarters, the only one in which the texans scored any points (all twenty, actually) was the second. ONE QUARTER. the other three? they did jack SHIT. (ironically, the only quarter the hawks DIDN'T score was the second.)

anyway. i like tom brady. as a quarterback. his stats are pretty fantastic.

but i watched the book of manning this morning. and i hate to admit to this, but i had no idea how awesome those manning boys are. i mean, i knew they were awesome. you can't grow up loving football and NOT know who the hell the mannings are. you can't grow up in this country, for christ's sake, and not know who they are. but it took watching this documentary to get me to love them. and that's kind of sad, really. they seem like good people. great people, actually. and i feel a little ridiculous having just recently come to this conclusion.

tom brady's stats are pretty fantastic. the mannings' are downright iconic. and i'm not just talking about peyton and eli. they showed clips of archie's college days. and GOOD GOD. it was better than watching johnny manziel. now i love that boy (i wish to hell he'd just shut up and play football, but he is a thrill to watch. on a side note, in addition to him, we also have two of the matthews' boys on our team. you know. as in clay matthews. his cousins. hah!)

anyway. archie was a hundred times better. a thousand times. the guy played with a broken arm! i ain't never seen that. and such a waste that he didn't find more success in the pros. such a tragedy that the damned saints couldn't get a solid offensive line to protect him.

i was a little miffed when wes welker turned traitor and went to the broncos. but i've thought about it. and, you know what, if i had the opportunity to catch passes thrown by two of the greatest quarterbacks of the time, then i'd jump on it. without any qualms whatsoever.

but it's not the stats, really, that have inspired me to revere these boys. it's their personalities. it's the sibling rivalries. and ain't that what makes a family fun?

good stuff. makes me wish football season lasted all year.
(and yeah, i know. it's old. peyton's wearing a colts t-shirt. whatever.)

the only teams that matter:

broncos: four wins, no losses.
giants: no wins, four losses.
packers: one win, two losses.
patriots: four wins, no losses.
texans: two wins, two losses.

the only players who matter:

peyton manning
tom brady
j.j. watt
aaron rodgers
clay matthews

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  1. Big Denver fan and have always been a big Peyton fan. I was a Welker fan before he moved to Denver so I was thrilled when he did! I do wish football season lasted all year!