the side project

July 8, 2013


Next year she was signing up for sixth period swimming. She couldn’t understand why she’d not thought to do this sooner. It made sense that she’d want the salvation the pool offered at the end of the day rather than the beginning of it. And since it was too cold to swim at home…


Her shoulders sagged.



Cosmo wants you for their cover for next month’s issue.”

She closed her eyes, somehow managed to get a little closer to the wall.

“They’re doing another one of their all about sex issues. They figured you’d be the best person to ask about doggie style.”

Two more hours.


He watched her duck into German class. Glanced at the group nearby, at the boy who’d called out to her. But he didn’t say anything.

They didn’t have assigned seats in this class, though most everyone preferred to sit in the same place. When he walked in, she was on the teacher’s stool at the center of the room, eyes closed, arms and legs out but slightly bent, head cocked to one side. Spinning.

He found an empty desk next to hers.

When the teacher closed the door, Tessa hopped off the stool, visibly disappointed that she had to stop, and took her seat. She looked at him like she wondered why he was sitting there and not in his usual spot three rows over and two seats back. But she didn’t say anything. She pulled out her spiral and started writing.

He peered at the paper.

Every now and then, she’d pause to survey the room.

Their teacher was talking about grammar. “Auf Deutsch,” she’d say when she had a question for them. She wanted answers in German.

“Frau Tessa?”

Her head popped up. “Ja?”

“Was schreibst du?”

Cameron had been just about to ask her the same thing—what are you writing?

“Ah.” She blushed. Flipped the spiral shut. “Musik.”

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