four. things i learned outside of school

July 2, 2013

Life. Love.Lauren
one: how to operate a personal computer. i was pretty much computer illiterate after graduating from college. i had a mac. the only thing i used it for was to type up what i'd written and print it out. i didn't take it with me to college. i don't remember why. i typed my papers up in my dorm's computer room using wordperfect. and then, when i transferred to sam houston, i had my mac again. my first job after college, ironically, was as a scanning technician at a printing company. i learned to use a lot of programs. quickly. for christmas that year, my parents gave me a new personal computer.

two: apples are better. for about a dozen years or so, i used pc's. and then, i came to my senses.

three: cigarettes have sugar in them. this is why smokers have such bad teeth. and i, being welsh and english, have a mouth that is doubly damned to begin with. good thing i quit then, before i had to have all my teeth crowned or rooted. or yanked out.

it's the curse of the english, i'm afraid. fair skin and bad teeth (kate beckinsale as sara thomas in serendipity).

it's been SIX YEARS, by the way, since i puffed on one of those stupid things. six years, one week and a day.

four: you never really grow out of awkward. but you do learn to appreciate it. sometimes.


  1. Isn't it so great that school isn't the ultimate learning experience? :-)

  2. I am afraid you went to the dark side with those apples my friend! PC rocks!