seven. things about my job

June 10, 2013

the one that pays:

one. i am an associate at pottery barn kids.

two. it takes approximately seven minutes to get to work. it usually takes twice that amount of time to find a place to park.

three. i get some pretty nifty discounts at all williams sonoma brand stores.

four. my store manager is one of the best people for whom i have ever worked. she, ultimately, is the reason i quit working at target (originally my primary source of income and my health insurance means). she knows how to treat her people well. and when i say her people i mean the ones who are there because they genuinely love to work for her and aren't just using her and the company for that nifty discount.

five. darth vader backpacks. star wars sheets sets. death star canvas led wall art. these are a few of my favorite things.

six. i rarely work more than twenty hours a week, which kind of makes my checking account balance pretty sad.

seven. but this means i can devote so much more time to my characters, which, eventually, god willing, will make my checking account balance much happier.

the one that doesn't (yet):

one. the first time i worked on a scene involving one of my characters was in april, seventeen (?) years ago (HOLY CRAP), in a denny's booth prior to cramming for a final.

two. isabel was originally named blake. i'm not sure why i thought that suited her. she's the most tomboyish of my girls, but having a name that could just as easily fit a boy didn't seem right. i wanted something softer for her. because underneath it all, she's pretty soft.

three. august has always been august. people've tried to get me to change her name. i like that she's the most feminine of my girls and has a traditionally male name. i love that isabel calls her gus. love that august likes it. and august just sounds like it belongs to a girl with class, and she's got an abundance of that.

four. cate was originally kate, short for something. i hadn't decided what. and then i was revisiting character names last year and found catriona. and i loved it. it just clicked. it's fiery, like she is. it's a good combination of french and irish, also like she is. and i love spelling cate with a c.

five. the greatest number of pages i've written in one sitting is seventeen. that happened once. seventeen years or so ago. the day before the short story (which was, at one point, twenty-three pages long) was due. and of course, i killed every one of them when i realized cate's story wasn't going to play out that way at all. which is, of course, how isabel and august and reese and matthew, and eventually, seth and piper came to be. because i killed a minor character and re-envisioned cate's relationship with kyle.

six. writing a novel is a gigantic pain in the ass. i don't recommend attempting it. unless of course, you've got a group of people in your head who will not shut up.

seven. this is the only thing i do well. the gang's all here. see for yourself.

Life. Love.Lauren


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Pottery barn for kids sounds like it has some amazing stuff - especially if there is Star Wars themed stuff!! I am going to have to check out their website. I've heard of Pottery Barn.. but haven't ever really checked them out.
    Good luck with your novel!
    7 Things About My Job

  2. I used to look at the Pottery Barn kids catalog and dream that some of the rooms were mine when I was a kid! Love! Awesome about the discounts but I hear you on the hours making the checking account sad. Sometimes I don't get anywhere near 20 hours in a week and it can be a major money bummer!