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June 26, 2013

good things happened today.

i finished two of the six remaining scenes in need of rewrites.

the supreme court batted down two laws prohibiting same sex marriage--doma and prop eight.

texas state senator wendy davis conducted a successful filibuster, effectively squashing governor rick perry's attempt to make illegal abortions performed after the twentieth week.

and i was so proud of democracy today.

not necessarily because of what was accomplished. but because of how it was accomplished.

so many women rallied in my state's capitol to voice their overwhelming dissent to sb five.

davis almost failed. because seven hours in, senator williams representing the woodlands tried to say she'd been in violation of the filibuster rules (and i'm probably not gonna vote for you in the future, good sir. just so you know. in case you somehow managed to come across this here post). apparently another senator had tried to give her support. literally. senator ellis, representing houston, tried to put a back brace on senator davis. OH NO! we can't have that!

this is gonna seem totally unrelated... but i've had breakfast club on the brain today.

i gotta tell you, after watching this clip, i kind of feel like some of my state legislators are right up there with vernon on the vile scale.

like senator williams.

and governor perry.

mr. perry's a graduate of the fine institution known as texas a&m university. 

the more i see this man in action, the less i like him. and the more i think he makes that school look bad.

yall've heard the aggie jokes, haven't you? well, there's a pretty good crop of'm here if you haven't.

you've heard of some of the monumentally ridiculous things the great state of texas' governor has said, haven't you? well, there's a really good crop of'm here if you haven't.

you know what happened after the senate was unsuccessful in passing bill number five? my governor--a man who just the other day signed some bill about how you could say merry christmas in school--he goes and calls a second special session to order. and congress will reconvene on the first of july to try again.

and this, among other things, is what he said about that:

through their duly elected representatives, the citizens of our state have made crystal clear their priorities for our great state.

yeah. that's why all these people showed up.

and it's not like our lieutenant governor, mr. dewhurst, is any better:

i am furious about the outcome of the final day of this special session, when an unruly, screaming mob using 'occupy wall street' tactics derailed legislation intended to protect the health of texas women and their babies.
a bunch of good ole boys with their bibles and their rifles are doing their damnedest to screw up this fine state of mine.

that man up there, the one wearing a damned burnt orange tie? he calls himself an aggie.

you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means.

i've also had the princess bride on the brain today.

we need more people like john bender and dread pirate roberts in our congress. and fewer people like vernon and vizzini.

more people like wendy davis. and fewer people like rick perry.

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