five. songs that bring back memories

June 25, 2013

one. bette midler's the rose. i sang this all the time. on the bus. on walks around my neighborhood. in my house. and when i couldn't sing it because i was in a class or something, i was writing down the lyrics. again and again and again... it was sort of like a security blanket. i tried to sing it in my fourth grade class' talent show, but i was too shy to even stand up in front of a dozen kids and do it, even though i knew i could sing it well.

two. u2's with or without you. i never get tired of hearing this song. i can recall sitting on the porch of my college dorm in the wee wee hours of the morning--i couldn't sleep--with my discman and my cigarettes and that song.

three. metallica's enter sandman. my freshman year in college, my suitemates made me go to pittsburgh, kansas, to the rockin' k. and we took over the dance floor, made a big circle and headbanged. i'm pretty sure that's the only time i've done that, but i like remembering it.

four. p.j. harvey's one line. a boy made me a cd for my birthday. it was the first time i'd received a mix from a guy. it was a weird mix, with a lot of bands i'd not heard of before. but it, like the boy, grew on me. and it, like the boy, got tossed.

five. third eye blind's god of wine. the day my brother died. this was on repeat as i made the trek home.
Life. Love.Lauren


  1. It's amazing how songs can take us back and help us remember our past - both good and bad! Thanks for sharing yours. :-)

  2. This week has been great reading everyone's individual stories of how simple moments are remembered due to a song. I love remembering the songs that I got on Mixes I had never heard. I love the PJ Harvey song though! haha!

  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Re: Enter Sandman: Come to Virginia in the fall, when Virginia Tech is playing at home. Both marching bands line up at the tunnel, and the song plays as the team is preparing to enter the field. Shortly after they started using it, it was incredibly cold one game day, so some members of the band started jumping up and down to stay warm. Now all 65,000+ Hokie fans in the stadium do it. Metallica even introduced the song, commanding all the Hokies to 'start jumping!' not that long ago.
    Metallica message:
    watch the crowd jump!:

    Bonus: it's a great workout for your legs to jump for 3 minutes straight!!!!!

  4. Music for me is like books. So many books/songs, so little time! :)
    Thanks for sharing these!