this is why i have sooner friends... or good bull hunting, indeed

May 21, 2013

an aggie made that. but a sooner brought it to my attention. because apparently, i've been slacking when it comes to surfing the aggie web.

but i found this lovely site, good bull hunting.

it sucks that we didn't get to beat up on those stupid bulls this past year. but i'm so glad to see so many other teams had the chance. yall did such fine jobs, boys. thanks.


  1. I love a good blooper, 6 guys couldn't tackle one guy at the one yard line! Sheesh. Good clips. Looks like they have a bit of "rebuilding" to do, eh?
    I hope you get a chance to kick their asses this year...
    Oh, and just for the record, I don't believe we STOLE Wes Welker. No one was holding a gun to his head when he signed for all that money...

    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. Nice vid
    I'm not into football
    but this is good.