ten. things that make me happy

May 21, 2013

my friend, tina, over at life is good tagged me in a post. i'm supposed to talk about five things that make me happy. the things that make her happy are here.

it's tuesday, though, with a new round of topics at lauren's blog--life, love, lauren--and tiffany at the austin family diary. and they want to know about ten things.

one. the phone call from one of my former managers, the woman who gave me my job application and my informal interview--you know the one, the preliminary three-second one they do when you turn in your application to determine whether they should bother calling you in for the formal one. the manager that i liked the best. but she got moved to the houston store, a promotion of sorts. only she's not very happy there. and so she called our store tonight because she was bored and missed us. and it was so good to hear her voice. so good that she sounded pleased to talk to lil ole me.
two. love stories. at the moment, i'm obsessed with the tale of kensi and deeks from ncis: los angeles. no, it's not epic. nothing grand. but this video? i've watched it a shit ton of times since i found it six days ago. i bought the full episode off itunes. i've watched it quite a bit, too. i eagerly await the arrival of the dvd's for the second and third seasons of this show. i'd spent the better part of the past week trying to figure out how i was gonna find the money to buy the third season when i remembered that i had a forty-three dollar store credit to best buy. so i got to get them both! YEE!
this is gonna be hard to believe,
but i'm not exactly following the kensi logic train.
apparently it doesn't make stops in my neighborhood.
you smell like sunshine!
and gun powder.
two of my favorite things.
three. coca-cola.
four. when my characters finally play well with me. that scene i posted the other day? i've tweaked it a bit since then, added some more dialogue, and oh, it's getting good, folks. makes me excited to write when i see things so clearly. makes tolerating this stupid depression a bit better, too, knowing that good things will come of it.

one of the bartenders who'd helped me make it a little better said that what she liked about reese and isabel's conversations is that they were like little land mines. it doesn't sound like a compliment, but i think it is. i like thinking that these two sort of tip-toe around each other, that their words have so much power, even when they seem so ordinary.
five. kindness.
six. laughter. especially that of a toddler's delight. if i'm at work and my day hasn't been pleasant but there's a small kid in the store squealing with joy, that always makes my heart smile.
seven. sunset on a clear day, on a good country road. preferably one i can have to myself for a while.
eight. aggie football.

nine. huntsville, utah. in two weeks, i will exchange the chaos of a metropolis for the quiet of that glorious, lush valley, a much cooler climate and the pleasure of my favorite great uncle's company.
ten. sleep. beneath a good duvet. preferably between flannel sheets, but it's a little hot for that right now.

Life. Love.Lauren


  1. So I tag you (in yesterday's post) about five things...and you write ten for someone else. What's a girl to think...
    Nice about the former manager, and I do hope you enjoy your visit!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. I have never been to Utah but you paint a beautiful picture! Kindness, laughter, oh and sleep! I just got a new duvet so I am excited! :-)

  3. I absolutely love the sound of a toddler's laughter too! There is just something about it that is so contagious.