all there is: love stories from storycorps

April 28, 2013

why i wanted to read it: because it's small (about a hundred fifty pages) and the stories are short. it's couples talking about their spouses, about how they met, how they've lived.

what i liked: she was unfailingly loving. unfailingly. every day is a memorial for her (p. wilson--p. 91).

howard and i met on friday the thirteenth, 1969. he fell on me at a party, and i just thought he was the goofiest guy i'd ever met in my life... he had a shirt that was so rumpled, and he had these old stovepipe jeans on and a pair of shoes, one of which had many, many, many rubber bands because the sole was coming apart (g. kestenbaum--p. 92).

i was walking down the hallway, and i noticed that the last office in the hallway's door was open. i looked inside to see who was in there, and i saw a flash of ankle, and i saw these beautiful green eyes, and i saw this blond hair, and i went, wow! and then i went smack dab into the wall. i literally crashed... the very next day, at about the same time, i was walking down the hallway again, and i saw the same door open. i looked inside, saw that beautiful face, and i went, wow! and i walked into the wall again, in the same, identical place. this time i went running back to my office, closed the door, and said to myself you idiot! you idiot! what are you doing? (h. flores--p. 120).

we alternated phone calls... we argued by fax (g. pardy--p. 128).

you gave my life an anchor, and i'd like to think i've given your life wings (s. steinacher--p. 130).

there's no address on our marriage certificate, just a longitude and a latitude (t.p. headen--p. 135).

what sucked: some of the stories are sort of boring.

having said all that: it's cute, overall. a very quick read.

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  1. Sounds like a great book, I like to read stuff in odd moments if I feel a bit bored or tired :)