nine things i won't change my mind on (and it pains me to conclude that with a preposition, just so you know.)

March 21, 2013

this morning, i was scrolling through my facebook feed and found a link for a post another blogger wrote about the rape culture. in it, the woman included a montage of tweets, snippets enraged idiots posted about how horrible it was that a man should be accused and convicted of such a crime when it's the woman's fault for getting drunk in the first place.

i spent an hour reading link after link about rape cases and their backlash.

the only thing that evokes more rage in me than people defending rapists is people molesting children.

i'm apalled that a company would create such an advertisement as the one above. i will no longer be using belvedere vodka. i would hope my friends would cease doing so as well.

a friend had written a post about the things she wouldn't change her mind on. i felt inspired to write one, as well.

one. i favor the death penalty. i live in texas, about thirty miles from huntsville, home of death row. hell, i used to live in that town. and i know the perception most have of texans is that we're all gun-totin, bible-beatin hicks who live for football and barbecue. and don't you fuck with us, y'hear? i don't tote a gun. i don't beat my bible. heck, i've been to mass maybe five times in the past five years, and two of those times have been in the past month. i hate barbecue. but i do love football, and i'd rather you not fuck with me without my consent. but i'm catholic. i'm not supposed to advocate for things like abortion and lethal injection. the abortion one's iffy. i don't want to get into that. that's a damned ugly hotbed that i'd rather avoid. but... the death penalty? put'm in the chair. lethal injection's much, much too civil. fry'm. and let it not just be murder that would bring a bastard (and i use that term gender neutrally) to such an end. pedophiles and rapists? burn them, too. get'm off my planet.

two. coke is better than pepsi. always and forever.

three. i'm over people adopting babies from other countries; there are plenty of kids here who need love, rooftops over their heads, food in their bellies and warm beds at night. rather than adding to the population (there ain't enough room for us all as it is!), maybe you should go find an adorable boy or girl--in your hometown--and save him or her from what could be a godawful life. someone couldn't love that child. be the one who can.

four. flowers are a copout. wanna cheer a girl up? give her some posies. wanna apologize for being  a douche? make her day easier. say you're sorry for being a shit. create something just for her. but don't go to the florist and pick out two dozen long-stem, red roses and have them delivered. LAME.

five. the fine residents of louisiana need to go home. i sympathize with your plight. i do. hurricanes are nasty, nasty things, and i'm fortunate, every day, that my family and the majority of my friends have not known such devastation personally, but prior to katrina, houston's population was, i think, around four million. now? it's twice that. the crime rate? the cost of living? they've skyrocketed, in part, because we had to make room for you. yes, our state is better. but yours is home! make it good again.

six. i would rather go on a date with a guy who was forty-five minutes late and did not buy my dinner than on one with a guy who wined and dined me and disappeared. at least the first one's honest.

seven. certain people should not breed. and that's all i care to say about that.

eight. stories saved me. not my parents, though they've gone to bat for me more times than any should have to do for their child. not my brothers, though there were times the only friends i thought i had were they. not my teachers, though there were certainly some who gave me hope when i needed it. but all that hiding i did in my youth in stories i read or watched or heard... i survived because someone wrote something beautiful, and i was fortunate enough to know it.

nine. aggie football is the best kind of football. kyle field. tradition. their band is better. their fight song is better. their team is better. they are generally badass.

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