the favored ten: actors

February 10, 2013

this one's tricky. i blame this on my age. we watched a lot of old movies in my house. so there are actors whose voices i'd come to love and miss hearing because they're gone now--richard burton and robert mitchum and james coburn, for example. god i loved listening to them. and it wasn't just the timber, it was the way they delivered their lines, too. burton had such flair for it, really. such passion and quickness. and mitchum? he was a little lazier. like he just didn't give a shit if you liked the words coming out of his mouth or not. these guys were handsome, too. so nice to look at. and good lord, the cinematic legacies some of them have left behind...

making a list of favorite actors and not putting them and other guys, like humphrey bogart and clark gable and george c. scott on it seems so, SO wrong to me.

then there're guys like al pacino and robert deniro--not including them seems like sacrilege. but i don't like everything they've done.

guys like johnny depp and brad pitt who churn out film after film after film, and i've enjoyed almost everything of theirs.

i love martin sheen and tom skerritt. and--speaking of voices--james earl jones, sean connery, jeremy irons.

i like what paul bettany brings to the screen--if you've not yet seen the film creation, look it up. he is charles darwin, struggling with his theories, both eager and anxious to publish--and battling grief and guilt over the loss of his daughter. add to this the chasm that divides he and his wife, played by jennifer connelly. there's some fantastic storytelling here.

and anthony hopkins. and alan rickman. christoph waltz (he makes villainy look good). christopher walken (every role is exactly like every other, but i never tire of seeing him on a screen).

then there're the hot ones: karl urban, robert downey jr., ryan gosling. even jeremy renner.

it's a bitch choosing ten. not just because there are so many actors out there i admire, but because putting richard burton and paul bettany in the same room doesn't seem right.

i can't do it, captain. i don't have the power.

and yet i must. (alan rickman's sneering at me. just so you know. really. he is.)

paul bettany
richard burton
sean connery
johnny depp
robert downey, jr.
ryan gosling
anthony hopkins
robert mitchum
brad pitt
alan rickman

(he's still sneering. actually, i think it's worse because i put him on there and he's last.)

it's done. and now i must sleep. but i would like to know what your ten-list would look like. post it. link it here.


  1. Tough to limit to only ten, but here goes:
    Richard Burton
    Sean Connery
    Cary Grant
    Clark Gable
    James Cagney
    Denzel Washington
    Jimmy Stewart
    David Niven
    Sidney Poitier
    John Wayne

    Yeah, I know, I'm an old fartessa.

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