the favored fifteen

February 4, 2013

so there's this website called best ever albums. it is a decent resource for looking back on the popular music of a particular era. not a fantastic one. it's flawed, just like any other ranking system. it compiles its lists by considering the number of times an album has appeared on any greatest album charts and then ranking those albums accordingly.
i spent my day counting our stores contents. and then i slept. and ate. and then i sat at my computer and surveyed the popular music of my generation. i went through the site's top ten lists for every year since the year of my birth and jotted down every album i liked. and then i whittled that selection down to fifteen for this list:
back in black - acdc
synchronicity - the police
purple rain - prince
hysteria - def leppard
the joshua tree - u2
operation mindcrime - queensryche
pretty hate machine -  nine inch nails
violator - depeche mode
ten - pearl jam
little earthquakes - tori amos
rage against the machine
august and everything after - counting crows
dummy - portishead
a rush of blood to the head - coldplay
it's not a perfect list, of course. there are bands i like much better than those shown here, like sarah mclachlan, for instance. in ninety-five, i listened to korn's debut album more than any other, and even now, i have a fondness for it that's greater than the one i have for, say back in black or synchronicity, but they didn't make the site's cut (and yes, i know. it hasn't been cool to like them in some time. whatever). there's no van halen on my final list, and they are one of my favorite bands. the first time i comprised such a list--sometime last summer i believe, though i didn't publish it here--their self-titled album was the first one on my list. the thing is, while i am a huge fan of ain't talkin bout love and you really got me, those are the only songs on that album i like, and since i don't love the whole thing, it didn't feel right to have it on there anymore.
i think the site's databases change fairly regularly. a friend of mine made her own list, and i know at the time she compiled it, bon jovi's slippery when wet album wasn't in any of the site's top ten lists, much to her dismay, but it's since made an appearance.
so anyway... this is my list. should you feel so inclined to make your own (which i would love it if you did, because i'm always eager to expand my musical library), post it and link it here.

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