things found whilst mucking out my room

January 9, 2013

i've gone through my bookcase and my dresser and my desk and tossed out everything that i had been saving for some stupid, sentimental reason (and for so many things i could not recall who'd given them and when).

i'm halfway through my closet. i've done all but one of the shelves and the floor.

i found letters from friends i'd made in college with whom i long ago lost touch. envelopes with my older brother's scratchy handwriting on them. i found clippings i'd had on the walls of my college dorm room. of articles my mother had cut out of some magazine or newspaper. and pictures. lots and lots of pictures.

i found some of my friends from college. some i made at one job or another. i spent an entire roll of film on one evening of us sitting out on some patio getting tipsy. like i really need twenty-four pictures of that.

this is me and my munkle, circa summer of seventy-seven. or eight.

and this is me, circa summer of eighty-six.

i miss my freckles. :]

this is what i looked like in seventh grade. before my fourth surgery. this is what my face feels like. this is what i think i see, still, when i look in the mirror.

it looks like i'm looking to the side a bit. but i'm not. i only focus on an object with one eye at a time, not two. my brother calls it camera one, camera two, which is funny. it is. in this photo, i'm using my left eye, and my right one's drifting up and out.

and then there's this one...

pretty, right?

this is why don't clean out my closet. i will be so happy when i'm done with this chore.

and thankfully, i've also got pictures like this one. the quality sucks (yay, camera phones!) and i've looked better... but a good friend took this one, and i was pretty happy just then.

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  1. Another beautifully written brutally honest post from you...

    I adore the childhood picture of you showing off your guns :)