fifty shades of grey

January 8, 2013

why i wanted to read it. i didn't. when polling my friends and coworkers for potential books to read for this little quest of mine, my store manager told me i had to read it. and far be it from me to ignore a direct order from the boss lady.

what i liked: "spend the night with me."

"and not touch you? no"
(p. 227).

"is that all you want me for--my body?" i whisper.

"that and your smart mouth," he breathes
(p. 316).

the tension between anastasia and christian. they've got good chemistry. i like anastasia. and i like christian, too, i suppose. to an extent.

what sucked: the length. no way in hell did this book EVER need to be anywhere near five hundred pages long. i was ready for it to be over a quarter past three hundred. way too many sex scenes. i'm an aries. and like most aries, i'm a pretty passionate chick. and those sex scenes, they do what the author intended for them to do (and that's all i'll say about that). but i don't need to read about every single instance the lovers choose to get it on. what moves me in this story is the conflict, not the friction.

having said all that: i liked it well enough. i'll keep it. i am willing to lend it out, so if you're one of those few people who have not yet read it, you may borrow it.

what's up for grabs: dash and lily's book of dares. also (on dvd) an affair to remember and mutiny on the bounty, and (on blu-ray) shakespeare in love. these are free for the taking. so take them. please.

in other news, my friend tyler allowed me to write a guest post for her blog, arkansassy. i've mentioned her here before. she used to write over at rants, raves, ridiculous. but tyler has found love and happiness with a guy who seems to be pretty decent, and so she is a changed woman, no longer ranting and raving (unless you count her anxiety about taking the bar... she is very stressed about this and could use some encouragement. go cheer her on). she's a die-hard sooners fan, but... some things you just have to overlook.


  1. I still haven't read it, but will probably get it for my kindle when I do.
    I'll take Shakespeare in Love!
    I'll have to visit your guest post tomorrow. Sick teenager wants to watch movie.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. I agree with was way too long. We get it! I actually started skipping the sex scenes to read the actually "story".

  3. I'm almost impossible to embarrass, and this book made me uncomfortable. I think it was the "Laters, baby" that cemented my death.

    And see, that's why I needed you to post ... no one wants to hear me piss and moan about the bar exam for two months. Not even me!

  4. I just read this book at the start of this year and I thought it was an okay book.