sometimes they surprise me

December 29, 2012

the tenth: mexican food. dinner with the fam. the chat with my dad about whether i would write what i wanted as opposed to what the world wanted.

the eleventh: i ranted about it.

the twelfth: i awoke and padded into the bathroom to find this taped to the mirror with a note in my mother's handwriting that maybe i should look into it.

i went downstairs and asked my mother about it. she told me i should talk to my father and have him help me get a plan for getting a master of fine arts degree in creative writing. 

and when i thanked her for cutting out the ad, she said she hadn't done it.

that my father had.


  1. Oh, I'm jealous! We have too much debt with my husband's student loans to even contemplate this.

  2. That makes my heart smile :)