the brown-eyed girl

September 21, 2012

when i asked my mother how she would describe me to her friends, she replied that she'd tell them i was a brown-eyed brunette who was funny, cute, quirky and smart. and that's fairly accurate. i'm always surprised when people use "funny" to describe me, but i'll take it. i'm a pretty serious girl. so it's nice to hear that people can appreciate my sense of humor, despite this.

there are things i do really, really well. taking photographs, for example. like this one of the road leading away from the abbey of the holy trinity in huntsville, utah, where my great uncle lives.

but taking photographs where i am the subject matter, that's not so much my thing. never has been. 

that's my great uncle on the right. that's me in the back of his truck. flexing my nonexistent muscles. i was always bragging about how strong i was. at five. a very pint-sized five. 
this is me in london not so very long ago. my friend kept insisting i be in the shots rather than taking them.

i'm also a pretty gifted writer. i'm best at crafting dialogue.

i've a heck of a time striking up a conversation, though, with a person i don't know. especially when person means cute guy.


  1. I think you're very funny and special :)

  2. Having not met you personally I would describe you as funny, witty, well-written with a SPECTACULAR smile!

    And, yeah.

    Brown eyes are all kinds of cool.