there are people like this in the world

April 17, 2012

twenty-eight-year-old kayla golden was shot seven times then struck by the vehicle of the woman who killed her as she (the villain, not the victim) made her escape. with golden's three-day-old son.

i'd like to shoot that bitch seven times, all in the pelvic region, and run her pathetic ass over with an eighteen-wheeler. i'd like to, but it wouldn't do any good in the end. violence begets violence and all that. but oh, the impulse is strong.

but more, so much more, my heart aches for these two women's families. both of them. i hurt for that baby. for his father and maternal grandparents. for the villain's parents.

yes, i said for the villain's. they aren't to blame here, but so much will fall on their shoulders.

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