speaking of friends

September 20, 2011

there's this website called pinterest. and yes, i am on it.

what is it? (in case you're one of those ... i just typed one like won, by the way ... few folks out there who hasn't joined that bandwagon yet.) it's a website that lets you collect images of things you like.

it is a GIANT TIMESUCK. and i'm not on there very often, because i prefer to have my time sucked up in other ways. like trying to shoot the moon in hearts. or sitting at a bar at pappadeaux's picking the brains of its barstaff and servers, in hopes that some gem of an idea for the novel i've been writing in stupid stops and starts for more than a decade (i'm two pages away from completing eight chapters. go me.) ... some gem will reveal itself and let me write some.

so. pinterest. you surf the net for things you like, and when you find one, you pin it to the boards on your pinterest page so your friends can see. and your friends can repin things from your boards onto theirs if they like them.

today, i found this:

i love it. it's awesome. the stuff in the grey, that is.


  1. omg, I laughed my ass off too!!

  2. Um. LOVE the whales!

  3. Oh my gosh, I went onto Pinterest ONE TIME and I swear I was there for like 2 hours. It just never ends! You scroll down thinking it's going to stop but it just gets longer! And I totally dig the whale :)

  4. LOL I love the whale and baby whale. I've got to check out Pinterest. I've never been there.