ten advantages to being single

June 14, 2011

because right this very second, i am SO glad i don't have in-laws of my own.


(which, by the way, is the total opposite of YEE!)

one. i can sleep in the middle of the bed if i want to. and so often, i want to.

two. i don't have to cook. nor do my culinary skills matter all that much to anyone else but me. (so nagging from mom-in-law about how i'm not properly feeding her son ... i don't have to listen to that.)

three. i only have to wash MY clothes. and i've got a crapload of'm. so this is really a good thing.

four. if i want to get up and go ANYWHERE i can.

five. the number of birthday/christmas presents i have to buy each year is still reasonable. i imagine if i were married, there'd be presents for his mom, his dad, his brother(s), his sister(s), his aunt(s) and uncle(s), his niece(s) and nephew(s), and possibly his cousin(s), too, that i'd have to at least help in purchasing. most likely, i'd be doing the shopping for them, as well. it'd be on my honey-do list. and my me-do list is already pretty long.

six. i wouldn't have a honey-do list.

seven. i have me time. occasionally. i imagine if i were married i wouldn't have me time at all.

eight. i don't have to be neat.

nine. i don't have to divide my holidays between my family and his.

ten. solitude can be a lovely, lovely thing.

and if my older brother were here, i'd have an ally of sorts, in dealing with the more challenging members of my family. where i am afraid to tell someone off, unless, of course, my temper is riled to boiling, he was not. and he could do it with tact and a tone that could quell any malcontent in anyone else. i don't have that gift. i just spew vitriole. or cork it. and that is never a good thing.

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  1. Yay for being single! I like all of those things too :)