a VERY big deal

June 21, 2011

maybe you've read my rants on the bitch of a drought we're having here ... and i know i've probably sounded pretty insensitive given the state of things elsewhere in our country, but ...

the grand state of texas is on fire, folks. and not just in the west where it's mostly flat and barren and dry, but in the southeast, too, which is usually pretty and green and forested.

not so very far from where i live. and it's making me sad.

and just a little scared. and i'd really, really like for it to rain now, please.


  1. I can't believe all the fires there. I just saw a news clip about the fires in Big Spring. That's where I was born. I didn't think there was anything to burn in Big Spring, but the fires are terrible.

  2. That's terrible. Sending rain thoughts to you. We've plenty of that here at the moment...

  3. I hear more rain is coming tonight...hope it's true!

  4. Oh, man...and here we've got flooding.