unhappy endings

April 18, 2011

here's two people who should not have been allowed to procreate:

tina louise madrid was charged with neglect. jeffrey singer was charged with injury to a child by omission.

the child? ten-year old jonathan singer, whose body had been decomposing in a box in the back of his father's vehicle.

apparently child protective services had been called in twice last year after reports of potential abuse, but they couldn't find enough evidence to remove the child from his parents' so-called care.

jonathan had cerebral palsy. reports have stated that he was blind and weighed approximately forty pounds.

the medical examiner's conducting an autopsy to determine how long the body had been decomposing.

as if it's not bad enough the boy was living with a disability, but he was forced to live with two people so incredibly inadequate.

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  1. This is one of those things that INFURIATES me. I never understand how things work ... why is it that THESE people can conceive but then there are people out there that try for YEARS and they can never have a baby? It just doesn't make sense.