i wanna move to puerto rico

January 13, 2011

i seem to recall a conversation with a neighbor not so long ago about the suckiness of winter. i hate winter. i hate brown grass. i wanna move to puerto rico. correct me if i'm wrong, minn, but i think that's what you'd said.

it's gonna be eighty-six degrees there today. it'll feel like ninety-one.

oh, god, i miss ninety-one. really, really miss ninety-one.

and yeah, i'm talking about the weather. because in another month or so it'll be forty degrees all gosh-darned day everyday for two months and gray and rainy and miserable.

right this very second, it's thirty-two degrees here. it'll be forty later today. of course, i'll be asleep when it's warmed (hah!) up. there's supposed to be a warm front coming in this week. so it'll be in the fifties and sixties later. and rainy and gloomy and nasty.

were you thinking that because i live in texas it's nice here right now?

my hands are dry and cracked and rough and itchy. my lips are as red as the shirts i've to wear to work. my hair. oh, god my hair. it's plastered to my head because of the lack of humidity. it's about five shades darker than it normally is because it's not seen the sun in weeks, which i wouldn't mind so much except i've got about a million silvery threads cropping up at the crown which are only oh, so much more obvious now. and i'm over highlights, otherwise i'd cover the damned things up. and the static electricity? those metal balls that shoot out bits of light when you get your hands close enough to them? my scalp has that thing going on nowadays. so brushing my hair? that serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

did you know that forty degrees in colorado is a helluva lot more comfortable than forty degrees in texas?

well, it is. you can ski down aspen mountain in a t-shirt and jeans in forty degrees there.

you can't walk to your car without longing for summer to come around faster here. seriously. every night this week, as soon as i've cracked open the front door ... holy fuck, it's cold. three more months. three more months. three more.

and i've friends who LOVE this time of year.

i do not understand it.

on top of all this, my front yard will look like an oversized burlap sack in another couple of weeks. at least yall northerners get to cover up the ugly brown grass with lovely white snow.

it was either this or the sad stories i've heard lately of one newborn dying at twelve days of age because of an infection that had gone undetected, or another newborn whose chest can't be closed up after having had open-heart surgery, or the eight-month-old who survived a car accident while her parents did not, or the three-year-old killed by his mother's boyfriend ...

i can't comprehend this. AT ALL.

i'd rather think about the cold outside instead. because the cold within is so much worse.


  1. I would take your weather over mine. Roughly 9 inches of snow and the temperature tonight is going to be about the same number. 3 more months, 3 more months...

  2. Thankfully, I'm inside my 1906 Sears and Roebuck Kit House, watchin' alla' that white on white an' bein' warmed from the heat in my woodstove. The temperature outdoors is about -2 degrees, but tha's okay; it's warm in here.

    I'm so sorry you are cold in Texas. SD is definitely cold, but I'm okay with it at this point.

    ~ Yaya