hot damn!!!

November 7, 2010

the unranked aggies beat the HELL outta eighth-ranked o.u.!

i almost didn't go to this game. i've been extremely tuckered this week and feeling a little sickly. long day at work followed by a nap left me groggy at three p.m. i had a bowl of corn chex, watched a little football commentary, and figured since this has been a season of some pretty serious upsets, the ags might stand a chance against the sooners, and i'd be pretty pissed at myself if they won, but i wasn't there to see it.

and sure enough! WHOOP!!!

* * *

in this morning's chronicle, richard justice has nothing but nice things to say about the aggies. five months ago, he was saying shit like this:

let's not make things more complicated than they are. in the end, texas a&m is sick and tired of living in the large shadow of the university of texas ... the aggies aren't competitive.

what shadow? the longhorns are four and five; the aggies are six and three. the longhorns have lost three  home games (against the bruins, the cyclones and the bears!); the ags have only lost once at home (against the tigers). seems like the ags are more in the sun than the horns, don't you think?

can't see the video? go here.

for this little ass-kicking, the aggies ARE now ranked. and the sooners are sixteenth.

and can i just say how cool it is to NOT see florida OR t.u. in that list? because that's awesome. :]

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  1. Thanks for the video, it gave me CRAZY goosebumps!

    Watching the game from Lubbock made us miss Aggieland SO darn much.