twelfth man day

November 22, 2010

sweet jesus, mary and joseph! they WON!!!

more than ninety-thousand attended the game. a record for kyle field. more than thirty-one thousand aggie students showed up for twelfth man day. a national collegiate football student attendance record.

i got to college station at six p.m. and walked and walked and walked because i had to park near holleman drive, which isn't all that close to kyle.

and when i finally made it to the stadium's gates i waited and waited and waited because so many wanted to get in and those gates are only so big. and it was so loud that i couldn't hear myself yelling over everyone else. and when the aggies scored that last field goal and the wrecking crew came on the field to prevent the cornhuskers from going anywhere, i was yelling and laughing and nearly crying all at the same time because being there on that day to witness that game was incredible.

so they didn't score a single touchdown.

neither did nebraska.

and for a change, the aggies weren't being penalized every five seconds.

all in all it was a pretty good day.

except for coach pelini. in fact, i'd say the days since the game have pretty much sucked, too. i couldn't really see the cornhusker's bench from where i stood, so i didn't know he was being such a belligerent maniacal prick to his team. but i learned of his poor treatment of his players the next day. and i caught a glimpse of it in the video below.

were you thinking this game would be cake, coach? have you not been paying attention? the aggies don't suck right now. they're coming into their own. i knew they would. i knew it two years ago when i watched cyrus gray bat down field goal attempts and run them, as well as kickoff returns, for touchdowns. i knew it when von miller was crashing into offensive linemen. they've got skills. you should've brought your game. but i'm oh so ecstatic that you didn't.

and now that sherman's got his head out of his ass (finally! THANK YOU!), the aggies are putting on some hurt.

so it was only the three-point-lead sort of hurt. a team that was eighth is now fifteenth. and that big twelve title? maybe it's not so likely to go to the cornhuskers after all.

i'd love to post a good video of the game from the stadium's perspective, but alas, the recorder's hands in every video i've seen have been so unsteady from being so excited. this is the best i can do.

can you not see the videos? click this and that.

as for the big twelve south title? the sooners must defeat the cowboys and the aggies must defeat the longhorns, which would result in a three-way tie -- sort of like the one from two years before between the red raiders, the sooners and the longhorns -- AND, in the instance of said tie, the aggies would need a huge helping of luck to be the winner of the south.

and for the big twelve north? nebraska plays colorado; missouri plays kansas. i'm pretty sure both the tigers and the cornhuskers will win these games. according to the tie-breaking rule put into effect last year (mostly because mac brown and the longhorns are a bunch of whiny butts and got all hot and bothered when oklahoma won that three-way tie even though they'd lost to texas -- the sooners' bcs ranking was higher than the longhorns', which is why they won the title) ... the rule states that if two teams in a tie situation are closely bcs-ranked (as of november twenty-eighth), then the outcome of the regular season's game between the teams would be used as the deciding factor. for example, should nebraska's and missouri's rankings next week be as they are now, nebraska would win the big twelve north, even though their ranking is lower than missouri's because they beat missouri.

and so my thanksgiving football wishes are thus:
missouri defeats kansas
nebraska loses to colorado
oklahoma defeats oklahoma state
and the aggies beat the hell outta t.u.

hot damn!!!

November 7, 2010

the unranked aggies beat the HELL outta eighth-ranked o.u.!

i almost didn't go to this game. i've been extremely tuckered this week and feeling a little sickly. long day at work followed by a nap left me groggy at three p.m. i had a bowl of corn chex, watched a little football commentary, and figured since this has been a season of some pretty serious upsets, the ags might stand a chance against the sooners, and i'd be pretty pissed at myself if they won, but i wasn't there to see it.

and sure enough! WHOOP!!!

* * *

in this morning's chronicle, richard justice has nothing but nice things to say about the aggies. five months ago, he was saying shit like this:

let's not make things more complicated than they are. in the end, texas a&m is sick and tired of living in the large shadow of the university of texas ... the aggies aren't competitive.

what shadow? the longhorns are four and five; the aggies are six and three. the longhorns have lost three  home games (against the bruins, the cyclones and the bears!); the ags have only lost once at home (against the tigers). seems like the ags are more in the sun than the horns, don't you think?

can't see the video? go here.

for this little ass-kicking, the aggies ARE now ranked. and the sooners are sixteenth.

and can i just say how cool it is to NOT see florida OR t.u. in that list? because that's awesome. :]