days four and five

October 25, 2010

today, for the thirty day blog challenge, i'm supposed to tell you about my family. i'm supposed to do this in two posts, but i'm pretty behind with this thing, so i'll be combining a post or two or ten until i've caught up.

mom. the only one of us not from texas, born in colorado. the oldest of four children, the daughter of a naval doctor and a nurse. she graduated from lamar university, majoring in english and secondary education. she taught high school english. she's the sort of person who tends to everyone -- first her siblings, then her husband, then her children, then her mother and in-laws. she's selfless, creative and diligent. i'm pretty boring. dad's the one who's interesting.

dad. the youngest of two boys. my grandfather worked for shell. my grandmother worked as an operator, and later at a clothing store. dad also graduated from lamar university, majoring in elementary education. he taught fifth-grade english, then was an assistant principal, then a principal, then director of special education, then assistant superintendent, then superintendent. while he was climbing the educational ladder, he was pursuing master's degrees in curriculum instruction, administration and supervision and special education and doctoral degrees in curriculum and instruction, administration and supervision and theology. not all at the same time, of course. by the time i was three, he was a superintendent and was finishing up that last doctoral degree. he works. a lot. he's a jolly, yet control-freaky genius. who's gonna wanna know that tripe?

my older brother. graduated from sam houston state university with a degree in finance. he worked for kpmg-peat marwick, then deloitte and touche, then with my father. he was arrogant, clever and a FANTASTIC storyteller. he drank. a lot. died seven years ago because of it. he's in colorado, what he would call heaven. he would probably want me to tell you that he's a goddamned good-looking man. he pretty much told everybody this and often.

my younger brother. graduated from sam houston state university with a fine arts degree in studio art. he worked for best buy, foley's, best buy, petco, best buy, bank of america then best buy again. he's been married for eight years and has twenty-one-month-old twins, a boy and girl. take two parts adam sandler, one part johnny knoxville, and sprinkle with a generous helping of punk.

probably not a good idea to put pictures up. i don't think they'd like that very much.

probably not. you wouldn't like the influx of emails you'd get.

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  1. LOL on the family name...clever. Enjoyed getting to know your family. Again, sorry for the loss of your brother.