the road to aggieland

September 6, 2010

you leave hours before the game. unless you don't mind getting stuck in traffic, you don't care to see the corps march-in or the flyover or to be in the stadium when the cannon's fired, signaling the start of the first quarter.

i say this because two years ago, i didn't leave hours before, and i had to park a hundred blocks away, after having circled all the lots for an hour, and i missed the corps march-in, and i heard the cannon sound before i'd managed to get to the intersection of wellborn road and george bush avenue. if memory serves, for that game i also sat in the north end zone, in the fifth deck. way up high in the sky. with the bats.

because not only had i arrived late at the game, but i'd bought my ticket two days before rather than two weeks before.

so if the game starts at six p.m., you leave no later than three.

you take highway one-oh-five, which runs from my lovely city to navasota. this takes about forty minutes. more if there's traffic. then you take highway six to f.m. (highway? can't remember) twenty-one-fifty-four. you want to go to millican. you want to do this because if you don't, you will be stuck in the increasingly congested traffic on highway six the closer you get to college station. if you go to millican, the chances of you having the road to yourself are really quite good. until you get to wellborn, an itty bitty town just outside of college station. this'll take another twenty minutes or so.

not long after you've turned onto this road less traveled, you will occasionally see aggie flags in front of residences. the closer you get to college station, the more frequently you see those flags, and the more likely you are to see them in front of businesses.

this road will eventually turn into wellborn road, which will run right past the west side of kyle field.

well before wellborn intersects with bush, you have to make a choice. pay the twenty dollars to park in the west garage, which is on the other side of wellborn road, and, therefore, in short walking distance to the field. or go down a side-street before you get to bush in hopes of finding a spot of road in front of someone's house where you might park your car for free. and if the game starts in the evening, the more likely you are to have a great hike to the field. which means you will be walking back to your car at about ten p.m. along a well-traveled road, which has no sidewalk, and some of the homes have fenced off their property rather closely to the edge of the road, so there will be times you will be walking on it.

but if they've won, you won't mind that so much because there will be lots of horns tooting hullaballoo, caneck! caneck! and lots of passersby yelling whoop!

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  1. Oh man, this makes me miss going to football games.
    I've wandered the dark streets of Ann Arbor, Louisville and soon it will be South Bend. And the walks really do feel like nothing, because we won.
    I just can't get excited about Indiana football.
    Sorry Indiana.