July 25, 2010

the thirty day song challenge

day one –

day two – 
least favorite song

day fourteen –

this will begin once the griffin inquisition is complete. care to take the challenge with me?


  1. This sounds like fun! Are you hosting? If so, when will it start? Count me in if time allows :) Kat

  2. I am in give me the details and you can count on me!

  3. Fun times! I'd love to see what you come up with. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    Race to the Top

  4. So fun! I am otally doing this.


the good in my day

i read in a magazine or on a website or something... somewhere... about how one should write down the most beautiful thing about the day. and that looking at this list will help a person see her life differently, more positively.

home. the library. assisting a design specialist with an in-home consultation. the lincoln lawyer. work. the hundred foot journey. conversations with stephanie. mom's brownies. the compliments i got on my attire. i finally (FINALLY!) got all the images (so far) uploaded to facebook for the film challenge.
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