q is (not) for qwest stadium

May 13, 2010

so they say qwest stadium's the loudest.


come to kyle field, pansies, and we'll show you how it's done.

see this video? hopefully, so. if not, go here. this is the third deck of kyle's student section. these are dedicated freshmen and sophomores. dedicated because it's the third overtime period against fresno state -- september eighth, two thousand-seven.

dedicated because, not only did they stick around for the game's conclusion (like good lil aggies), they shifted from one end of the stadium to the other to be in fresno's end zone so their yells had as much volume and force as possible.

so seattle...does your twelfth man do this? i don't think so.

did that not convince you? check out this one then.

(can you tell i'm going through football withdrawal?)

this was a matlock project. to learn more, go here.


  1. Hmmmmm, Qwest stadium is VERY loud. I live a half mile away, and we can hear the cheering from our apartment....

  2. Thank you for your visit to my blog for BON -- unfortunately the correct post did not go up when it was supposed to. You may like to go back and read the actual BON post which is now on site.


  3. That is pretty cool how they all go over to that one side. They must be scrunched though LOL.

  4. I've never seen this before. Really kind of cool! I've never been to any major stadiums but I think the noise would be both energizing and frightening!

    Yea, I gotta be the bad teacher now...sigh...and take off a point for the bad word in there.

    I know, I know. Hate me because I'm PG!

    Your writing is always so vivid. I really love your style, girl!


  5. Sounds like lots of school spirit there! Although I'm sure it's pretty noisy over at Qwest too.

  6. now THAT's dedication! i'm going to a baseball game on sunday- i hope it's not like that...i'll probaly go deaf!

  7. wow that is one big noisy stadium loved fikm

  8. Yep! OK! I agree! That is one NOISY stadium!

  9. Another football fan! I am also going through withdrawal. Not that my Broncos were all that impressive, but I'm a die-hard. And the south stands at Mile High can be deafening. Just saying.