sweet pickles!

April 27, 2010

there was one book for each of the twenty-six sweet pickles characters (each representing a letter of the alphabet):
  • who stole alligator's shoe? about accusing alligator who blames everything and everybody for anything that happens.
  • scaredy bear about bashful bear who is so shy he is afraid to try almost everything he is known as scaredy bear.
  • fixed by camel about clever camel—she's very practical and can fix anything, including kidding kangaroo.
  • no kicks for dog about doubtful dog—he doubts anything and everything, including himself.
  • elephant eats the profits about enormous elephant who loves to eat and eat and eat and eat.
  • fish and flips about fearless fish, the town daredevil. she careens around town on her motorcycle wearing her special scoba helmet (self-contained out-of-water breathing apparatus) and tries to prove how fearless she is.
  • goose goofs off about goof-off goose—she'll do everything—tomorrow!
  • hippo jogs for health about healthy hippo who always has the latest and greatest answer for keeping fit. this week it's jogging.
  • me too iguana about imitating iguana who wants to be just like everybody else.
  • jackal wants everything about jealous jackal who is convinced that everyone else is better off than he is.
  • who can trust you, kangaroo? about kidding kangaroo who doesn't know when to stop joking.
  • lion is down in the dumps about loving lion who would like to love everybody all of the time.
  • moody moose buttons about moody moose—you never know just what mood he's going to be in next.
  • nuts to nightingale about nasty nightingale—she's so mean that she upsets and hurts everyone she meets.
  • octopus protests about outraged octopus—she's not afraid to say no! when bad things go on around town.
  • pig thinks pink about positive pig who is absolutely sure that no matter what happens, it's all for the best.
  • quail can't decide about questioning quail who can't make up her mind.
  • rest, rabbit, rest about responsible rabbit who's so busy, busy, busy he never takes time to relax.
  • stork spills the beans about smarty stork—he has answers for every question, including who delivers babies.
  • turtle throws a tantrum about temper tantrum turtle who will do almost anything to get her own way.
  • happy birthday, unicorn about unique unicorn—she may be the oldest citizen in town, but she's not too old for fun.
  • kiss me, i'm vulture about vain vulture who thinks he is better than anyone else and is self-centered.
  • very worried walrus about worried walrus who worries a lot—especially about riding a bicycle.
  • xerus won't allow it about x-rating xerus, who thinks that telling people what is not allowed will solve all problems.
  • yakety yak yak yak about yakety yak who talks and never listens.
  • zip goes zebra about zany zebra—he's not afraid to be different, which really annoys alligator, dog and kangaroo.

once upon a time we had a lot of these books. i don't think we had all of'm. i don't remember xerus and vulture...looking over the list, i'm pretty sure we didn't even have half of'm.

i LOVED these books. and of course, my mother gave them all away, like most of our things, when we'd outgrown them, which is FINE -- really, I SWEAR, because i'm having fun hunting them all back up.

like a couple of months ago, i found at toys r us an anniversary edition of the original-styled little people. can i tell you how much i HATE the new ones? they are UGLY and FAT and TOO PLASTIC and PASTEL and GROSS, GROSS, GROSS.

can you tell i don't like them?

anway, every now and then i would think of these books and rack my brain trying to remember their titles or who made them, but alas, all i could remember was the insides of the covers had little maps of the village. i would ask my mother about them. she couldn't figure out what i was talking about.

and then today -- yay! today! -- i was reading teachinfourth's blog (which has this really cool feature called moments with joey -- you should check it out), and he'd requested that not only should you comment on a particular post of his, but visit the blogs of two people who'd left comments on his page and leave comments on theirs. so i picked one and scrolled down for an entry i liked, and BAM! there it was! SWEET PICKLES!

and i could buy them from amazon for a significant chunk of change.

but alas, i am unemployed...i should spend the little money i have more wisely.


which is why the list is here. so that when i do have money, i can more successfully hunt for the bastards.


  1. My mother got rid of my Dr. Seuss collection. Being the dirty little grudge holder that I am, each time we venture into a book store together I remind her of it. The hardcovers of the 80's and 90's are far superior to the glossy Dr. Seuss re-prints of today, at least in my opinion.

  2. lol maybe you could find them used on ebay?

    my sons really into the junie b books right now he loved them and we try to reach a chapter a day

  3. There's a box of books from my childhood floating around someplace…I can't tell you how much I'd love to find that box.

    Best of luck in your quest...