hosrich in houston

April 12, 2010

you like?

it's pretty nifty, huh? i love the drama of it, the chaos, the contrast of the softness, the near joy of the top half (especially that patch of sky blue in the top right corner that sends a little streak toward the left) to the turmoil and the darkness of the bottom half. i love it because it echoes life so well, to me.

and that's all i care to say about it, because i'm not one of those people who likes to get inside a painting and then shove my thoughts about it on to others.

it's one of many, many paintings created by houston's own stacy hosrich. he and his design team provide creative services to residents and businesses alike, whether it's creating art to spice up a room or redesigning that room entirely.

i'm not usually an abstract sort of girl, but i was perusing the gallery of canvas and paper paintings on hosrich's website, and i've to say, i liked quite a bit of what i saw.

check out this recently redesigned medical office:

best looking office you've ever seen, isn't it? almost makes me want to change doctors just so i could walk into that office. it's warm and inviting and stylish -- so much so that you might, even if it's just for a second, forget you're in a doctor's office.

the man's got skills, boys and girls. but don't take my word for it. see for yourself.


  1. that painting is definitely very cool- i love abstract art like that.

    and i wish that was my doctor's office! it looks so comfy!

  2. Doctors Office looks amazing and I love the design of your's so attractive. Visiting from SITS by the way!

  3. wow that painting is awesome! I always wish that i could do abstract paintings but I'm too much of a perfectionist...let's jsut say it hasn't worked out for me yet!

  4. ok so i try to be crafty but are you kdding me this is beyond cool and totally puts me to shame lol