i thought the purpose of glasses...

March 24, 2010

...was to fix your vision so it was pretty near perfect again. i forked over three hundred dollars, after insurance (which i doubt i have anymore, so i guess i'm glad that i ordered the silly things a month ago). i picked them up today. the store had been waiting for me to pick the glasses up for three weeks. supposedly my sales associate left me a message on the fifth. i never got it.

can i just say i wish i had the face that would let me have the quasi-funky glasses? or that i wish i had the type of personality that could pick the quasi-funky glasses despite the face?

but since i don't. i got some glasses that are kind of cool and classy. if glasses could be such a thing. they're made by banana republic. they've plastic frames. wire ones don't look good on me. the frames appear to be brown from the distance, but really they're maroon. in a certain light they look almost red.

i'm so self-conscious about my eyes. three surgeries on them alone will do that to you. and even something so simple as needing reading glasses isn't simple with me. i can't just go and buy a pair of plus ones at the drugstore for twenty bucks or so.

no. no with me, everything's an ordeal. can i tell you how much i wish that weren't the damned case?

okay, so maybe i'm more than a little irritated by this.

it's just that when i fork over the hundreds of dollars i can't really afford to fork over right now (i'd already forked over half of it, and filling out applications that are written in six-point font's kind of a bitch), i expect it to be worth it.

i'd hoped that it would be simple. easy. put the glasses on and your eyes won't hurt you anymore.

i should've known better.

it was weird putting them on, by the way. so weird. for a second, it felt like i could see in three-d. i knew i couldn't, of course, but the perspective i did have changed a little. or at least it seem to do so.

but that was just for the left eyeball. that one's happy enough.

the right one, though...that one sees better without the glasses. that one would rather i not wear them.

and, of course, it's the right one that's constantly, constantly hurting.

when i was in art class in junior high and we were doing printmaking, we'd use this tool, and i don't remember what it's called...a grouter, maybe?...anyway, we'd use it to dig out strips from this material we'd use to make the prints. i don't remember what that stuff's called either. my right eye feels like someone's taking a grouter and carving out the part of my eye that's between the eyeball and the nose. a semicircle of constant suckiness.

i was SO hoping that the glasses would fix that. but instead, they make everything bigger, but blurrier. and the pain's still there.

of course. why would it be simple?

i was watching castle earlier, and i have to say, if they've killed off kate, i'm gonna be really, really pissed. almost as pissed as i am at my stupid glasses' inability to make my eyeballs happy.

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  1. so..did they tell you when you get new glasses that you have to put em on and leave em matter what??
    takes the brain a while to get used to them. dont take them off. only to sleep...that is when you
    DO sleep!! good luck !!!