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February 15, 2010

do i have to? really? because even when i have a three point eleven grade point average (which is pretty awesome for me, especially considering this was during the year of and the year following my brother's death...but that's not an overall thing...overall's like a two point thirty-two), i see a girl who changes her mind as frequently as she changes the rolls on the toilet paper dispenser.

i've to take a copy (hopefully an unofficial one) of my transcript of my studies of english from the university of texas (hiss) at san antonio.

hey, if a&m had a campus in s.a. i would've gone there instead.

i need this to show the folks at sam that i'm not as stupid as i seem.

of course, there are a lot of withdrawn classes on this transcript, because i like to bite off more than i can chew.

i'd forgotten that for a time i'd declared architecture as a major.

this was during the fall semester the year of bubby's death. this was me grasping at straws for a purpose. i took some quizzie that said i should be an architect. and i do love architecture.

the thing is, the woman from sam who advised me last week on what i'd need to do to obtain certification in order to teach, she'd commented on my choice of majors while at sam, and there were several.

i wish i could clean the thing up a little.

i wish i looked better on paper.

i wish i looked better in person.

i wish wishing worked.

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