April 18, 2014

p is for piper: the character questionnaire

name: piper jane valentin.
born: february first in charlotte, north carolina to restauranteurs thomas and olivia valentin. one sibling: older brother, henry. 
education: working toward a degree in hotel and restaurant management at u of h. it got put on hold because of hannah and work. but i'm almost done.
appearance: 5'1. black hair. blue eyes.
social circle: oldest friend: henry valentin. best friend: same. love interest: matthew alvaro.
best quality: i can cook.
worst quality: i'm a huge procrastinator.
biggest fear: losing hannah.
greatest regret: taking my parents for granted.
best way to spent a sunday: with hannah at the park.
most thankful for: that hannah's healthy. she's happy.
keep a diary: a cooking one. just to keep track of what i've made... what worked, what didn't.
like to cook: love it.
exercise regularly: not really. i chase after a toddler. does that count?
have read a book in the past month: yes.
like crossword puzzles: no.
write letters regularly: no.
believe in destiny: no.
get along with parents: i did.
have taken a vacation alone: no. but i wouldn't mind it.

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April 16, 2014

songs that start with the letter o: a not-so-random sample from my itunes library

one. o valencia. the decemberists' the crane wife.
two. objection (tango). shakira's laundry service.
three. ocean and a rock. lisa hannigan's sea sew.
four. oh father. madonna's like a prayer.
five. an olive grove facing the sea. snow patrol's up to now.
six. on fire. switchfoot's the beautiful letdown.
seven. one and only. mary black's shine.
eight. one day main titles. rachel portman's one day (original motion picture soundtrack).
nine. one headlight. the wallflower's bringing down the horse.
ten. one line. p.j. harvey's stories from the city, stories from the sea.
eleven. one sweet love. sara bareilles' little voice.
twelve. one tree hill. u2's the joshua tree.
thirteen. only one. lifehouse's no name face.
fourteen. operation mindcrime. queensryche's operation mindcrime.
fifteen. operation spirit (the tyranny of tradition). live's mental jewelry.
sixteen. opticon. orgy's vapor transmission.
seventeen. ordinary world. duran duran's the wedding album.
eighteen. the other side. what made milwaukee famous' what doesn't kill us.
nineteen. outerspace. cold's thirteen ways to bleed on stage.
twenty. the outlaw torn. metallica's load.
twenty-one. outside. staind's break the cycle.
twenty-two. over and over. rachael yamagata's elephants... teeth sinking into heart.
twenty-three. over my head (cable car). the fray's how to save a life.
twenty-four. overboard. ingrid michaelson's girls and boys. 
twenty-five. ozone. fuel's sunburn.

April 15, 2014

n is for no

conversation in a bar:

me: aubrey.

aubrey: yeah?

me: i need a word that starts with n.

aubrey: no.

aubrey's one of my swapportunity pals. so if you're feeling like doing one of those random acts of kindness, her birthday was like a month ago. you could send this sweet gal, a lovely little bartender--and you're supposed to tip your bartenders, you know, because they bring the happy--a very belated present. she wants a twenty-five dollar gift card to charlotte russe. oh yeah, she got a concussion at work the other day. one of the other bartenders hit her in the head with a mixing glass. i'm just saying... the girl could use some love.

i mean, seriously. look at that face. :] she works hard for the money.

aubrey: yall's drinks are dying...

m is for matthew: the character questionnaire

name: matthew james alvaro.
born: november tenth. lubbock, texas. mom's name's nina. don't know my dad.
appearance: 6'. brown hair. brown eyes.
education: one year at sam.
social circle: oldest friend: kyle hendricks. best friend: kyle hendricks. love interest: august kennedy.
best quality: i know how to have fun.
worst quality: which usually gets me in trouble.
biggest fear: small monkeys.
greatest regret: don't have one.
best way to spend a sunday: home on the couch watching the game.
most thankful for: i am a goddamned good-looking man.
keep a diary: that's gay.
like to cook: not really.
exercise regularly: yes.
have read a book in the past month: no.
like crossword puzzles: no.
write letters regularly: i just wrote some.
believe in destiny: i did destiny. she wasn't that great.
get along with parents: nope.
have taken a vacation alone: seriously? who does that?

posts pertaining to his character:

April 13, 2014

l is for lifesavers

no. not the candy.

i'm talking about the kind that saves me from crazy. the kindness. the givers. the giving.

friday sucked. it was ugly. a couple of times a year, all the anxiety i feel, all the insecurity and inadequacy and irresponsibility and ugliness, everything hideous inside me swells. that scene in clash of the titans (not the one from a few years ago... not the one with sam worthington, liam neeson and ralph fiennes--what a waste of money that was--but the one from a few decades ago... the one with laurence olivier, maggie smith, burgess meredith... and, yes, harry hamlin). sure the special effects SUCKED. but the story was good. heck, the heart of that story's pretty awesome, i think. it's got some fantastic components. anyway. at the end, andromeda's chained to the cliff and the kraken's rising up out of the water.... and the whole world's certain that she's gonna get gobbled up. until perseus swoops in to save the day, thanks to the wings of pegasus and the head of medusa.

friday, all that ugliness was the kraken. and i was chained to the cliff.

you know what saved me?

my friend meredith. just her smiling face is so often enough to do the trick. i don't see her very often, because she's a very busy girl, but that day, oh, lord, i thanked the heavens she was there. her faith in me is a wondrous thing. her laughter is beautiful. and that i can make her laugh, even when i'm feeling despicable... that's a miracle, too.

my father. i know i'm not the daughter he hoped to have. there're many things i can't give him. i'm not the coddly type. and he is. very much so. he always wants to hug. to run a hand over my hair or my back. and i almost always balk at that. i don't always like to be touched. that night i looked at him and said, sometimes i wish i could just crawl up into your lap, like i did when i was little. and he just said, you still can. i can't. i really can't. but it mattered to me that i let him know i thought of it, wished for it. that he's proud of me, anyway... that matters, too.

my friends at pappadeaux's, especially the ones who've signed up for swapportunity. one of the servers passed to me two gifts to hand out. and so that night, after i defeated the kraken (however temporary that victory may be... because, unlike perseus, i don't have medusa's head to wield as a weapon), i made myself get up, get out... get over to deaux's and deliver the goods. and it made heart happy to brighten those girls' days.

there's a song we sang in college... you gave me smiles, so you are my friend. friday? i was capable of inspiring laughter. and i made people smile. despite the darkness. despite the threat. but more... these people made me laugh. they made me smile. they saved me.

and the reason i write this now is because i want you to know, you out there... no matter how small a thing may seem to you, even if it's something so simple as a smile... whatever kindness you can share is all anyone needs to get through an ugly day. that smile? that kindness... that's just as strong a salvation as perseus riding on the winged back of pegasus. it's enough. you're enough. i wanted you to know that.
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