tuesday topics: eight characters

January 17, 2017

a few years ago, i used a random quarter post to talk about characters i loved from novels. today i'm going to focus on characters i love from film and television. and because i can only do eight and because i'm writing this while on vacation (because i didn't plan ahead), i'm sticking with dudes and a simple list on this one. when i get back on saturday, i'll make this a BEAUTIFUL post. i promise.

doc holliday played by val kilmer in tombstone.
mark hunter played by christian slater in pump up the volume.
james kirk played by chris pine in star trek.
malcolm reynolds played by nathan fillion in serenity (and the short-lived television series firefly)

martin deeks played by eric christian olsen in ncis: los angeles.
anthony dinozzo played by michael weatherly in ncis.
josh lyman played by bradley whitford in the west wing.
leo mcgarry played by john spencer in the west wing.

share your favorite characters with lauren and me!

five for friday

January 13, 2017

all the things that have been stored in mercy bocephus, my car, for the past year or so

my room, prior to bringing the many bags upstairs

mercy bocephus, after getting four new kicks and a bath

clinic's lobby, waiting for a prescription refill and battling a panic attack

outside target, after shopping for a friend's baby gift

oh look! another survey!

January 12, 2017

i swiped this from audrey lou.

what are you completely bored of in life right now? depression. two days in a row, i've felt fine until about four p.m. and then the bullshit whammies me and i'm driving down gosling road bawling like my dog just died or something. and then two hours later, i'm fine again.

what is your favorite scented candle? rewined champagne.

what movie do you laugh at the most? ace ventura: pet detective.

what is the last song you listened to? queensryche's silent lucidity.

what’s one thing you still have from your childhood? the scar on my stomach.

what was your least favorite subject in school? geometry. or principles of accounting. or the one about judicial systems.

if you had a superpower, what would it be? i wanna be like professor x so i never have to wonder what the fuck people are thinking so i could stop being such a paranoid wench.

what is the best compliment you’ve ever received? i'm sure there are ones more worthy of the title best, two of which are referenced in this post. but i've never much cared for the skin i'm in, so i'm gonna go with this one: a man i cared for told me i was gorgeous -- i was wearing a gray t-shirt promoting the sport of rugby, ragged blue jeans and beat up doc martens, no make-up, no product in my hair. i'm pretty fond of that memory. and then there's this one. i like it quite a bit, too.

what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done? toured wales by myself.

what’s one thing you need to have in your fridge at any given time? coca-cola.

if you could raid one woman’s closet, who would it be? no one living. i'd snag jackie kennedy onassis' wardrobe.

what is your favorite movie? star wars: episode v -- the empire strikes back. (but if you were to ask me this some other time, that answer would most assuredly be different.)

twitter or instagram? twitter. fuck instagram.

dogs or cats? dogs. definitely.

dolphins or koalas? dolphins. definitely.

bird-watching or whale-watching? neither.

weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? octopus. so disgusting.

what’s your favorite band? van halen, but only because i've loved them longest.

what country do you wish to visit? austria.

what’s your favorite color? green.

least favorite color? burnt orange.

what color dress did you wear to your prom? i didn't go.

blow-dry or air-dry? my hair looks better if i blow-dry it, but i'm usually too impatient to mess with that.

pilates or yoga? neither.

jogging or swimming? swimming. definitely.

best way to decompress? sit at mom's computer in dad's office, blogging, facebooking and listening to music.

what’s the best thing to happen to you last year? i met ann and kelly.

where would you love to live? london.

what’s your midnight snack? crackers or chips.

what do you usually order at starbucks? venti black iced tea with one pump of sugar.

who is the last person you texted? my sister-in-law.

what are three things you can’t live without? film, literature and music.

what’s the first thing you do in the morning? pee.

what is the question you get asked the most? what the hell is your problem?

what’s one word you use too much? fuck.

would you describe yourself as messy or neat? messy.

what karaoke song would you sing without needing the monitor? i wouldn't. stage fright. my eyes would be glued to that screen, regardless of whether i needed to be prompted. and the things i like to sing ain't the things you sing in karaoke.

what’s one skill you wish you had? the ability to shrug shit off.

what is the geekiest thing about you? that i do shit like this? or that i've seen movies dozens of times?

tuesday topics: nine healthy recipes

January 9, 2017

okay. you picky readers should know by now, but if not, here's a friendly reminder: i don't cook. i loathe cooking. i hate the mess, before and after. i hate how long you spend preparing something that takes one-twentieth of the time to eat. why go through all that trouble when there are perfectly good restaurants (like pappadeaux's) within five minutes of your home? and before you say because deaux's is expensive, i can eat there for six bucks and some change. why? because the bartenders love me and know i'm almost always broke (probably because i'm at deaux's a little too often).

nine recipes. nine. oi. vey. lauren picked this topic. just saying.

buffalo cauliflower bites
i went to the facebook: so i'm supposed to blog about nine healthy recipes next week. the only things i know how to make either don't require a stove/oven or the major ingredients are pasta and/or cheese.

and my friends came back with things like smoothies, whole grains, sweet potato toasts and soups, salads, simple foods. okay. simple's opening a can of green beans, pouring them in a bowl and nuking it for a minute. that's my kind of cooking. one of my friends said: you can't get recipes from sitting at the bar. i know. that's why i sit at the bar.

one of my friends likes to cater things. she texted me with a link to real housemoms' buffalo cauliflower bites. she said they are tasty and at least less fat than wings (which there is NO substitute for). i've made these, and they get rave reviews. 

chicken yakatori
another friend sent a link for cooking light's staff favorites. one hundred six recipes from which to choose. surely eight of them would pique my interest.

were i tempted to cook, and yall, the last thing i cooked was chicken spaghetti, and that was like a year ago, these would be the things at which i'd most likely take a stab.

chicken yakatori. it needs more broccoli. and maybe some bell peppers and water chestnuts. but this one looks easy enough. i could probably manage it.

waffle iron turkey melt panini
waffle iron turkey melt panini. i'm sure we've got a waffle iron somewhere in this house.

whole-grain spelt and cornmeal biscuits. i've no idea what spelt is. i'm not entirely sure i want to know. something tells me when it comes to eating healthier, not knowing is a very good thing. fine. i looked. apparently it's some sort of flour. (i'd probably just use what's in the house, which'd probably make'm very unhealthy.)

lemon-herb risotto with shrimp and haricots verts. those last two words? i'm not looking them up. don't tell me. i'll just serve it with broccoli or something.

mustard-glazed salmon
chicken pot pie skillet pizza. of the things, this one holds the most appeal for me. chicken pot pie and pizza. what could possibly be bad about that?

breakfast strata
mustard-glazed salmon with horseradish potatoes. mustard. meh. and horseradish. yuck. but maybe it'd be alright. my mom would probably like it. and salmon's on that list of foods some doctor said i should eat more often.

spinach, bacon and gruyere breakfast strata. breakfast. yum. i could do breakfast all day. every day.

apple galette with vanilla yogurt drizzle. the yummiest-looking thing on the list. i'm gonna have mom make this. :]

share your favorite healthy recipes with lauren and me!

i should probably clean this up

January 4, 2017

tuesday topics: ten resolutions

January 2, 2017

one. find work i enjoy that suits my talents and skills set and provides financial stability.
two. complete the final revisions to my manuscript by march thirty-first; attain literary representation.
three. write six letters per month, and never to the same person twice.
four. complete the sixty day minimalism challenge by march fourth.
five. complete six bible studies.
six. complete prior lists and both the regular and bonus rounds of erin's book challenge.
seven. complete prior lists and both the regular and bonus rounds of the next fall film challenge.
eight. eliminate coca-cola and dr. pepper from my diet.
nine. exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes at least three times a week.
ten. lose thirty-six pounds by december thirty-first.

share your resolutions with lauren and me! 

put a little love in your heart

studying english in college meant reading crap like flannery o'connor's good country people and herman melville's billy budd, sailor and a shit ton of shakespeare. i love shakespeare, yall, but a gal can only take so much iambic pentameter. i spent the first two years at a small women's college in nevada, missouri (also called bumfuckville, misery... GREAT college, godawful location). i was sick to death of school. i spent more time playing cards and watching mtv and movies in the basement or trading smut books with my suitemates. the penchant for reading romance novels stuck. 

erin's book challenge kicked off yesterday. today, she asked me what romances i could recommend. some titles are ridiculous, but the stories are pretty good. the ones in bold are the ones i like best. some of'm may be hard to find. some of'm are incredibly sappy, but i like them anyway. some of'm are stories in a series. the ones that are collections are separated by commas. the rest are divided by semi-colons.

cecelia ahern: love rosie
sandra brown: fanta c, adam's fall
vanessa diffenbaugh: the language of flowers
gayle forman: if i stay, where she went; just one day
emily giffin: something borrowed, something blue
jane green: straight talking; bookends; jemima j
john green: the fault in our stars
debbie macomber: navy wife
judith mcnaught: paradise
david nicholls: one day
nora roberts: daring to dream, holding the dream, finding the dream; the macgregor brides, the macgregor grooms, the macgregors: alan and grant; seaswept, rising tides, inner harbor, chesapeake blue; born in fire, born in ice, born in shame; the villa; vision in white, bed of roses, savour the moment, happy ever after; the next always, the last boyfriend, the perfect hope; tribute; birthright
rainbow rowell: eleanor and park; attachments; fangirl
ellen shanman: right before your eyes
nicholas sparks: the notebook; a walk to remember
lavyrle spencer: separate beds
katherine stone: promises, roommates, love songs, illusions, bed of roses, happy endings, rainbows, the carlton club, twins.
jennifer weiner: in her shoes
elizabeth young: asking for trouble; a girl's best friend

cecelia ahern: p.s. i love you
audrey niffenegger: the time traveler's wife
nora roberts: jewels of the sun, tears of the moon, heart of the sea; blue dahlia, black rose, red lily; key of light, key of knowledge, key of valor; dance upon the air, heaven and earth, face the fire
rainbow rowell: landline

kathleen baldwin: a school for unusual girls, exile for dreamers
julie garwood: the lion's lady, guardian angel, the gift, castles; saving grace; the secret, ransom; the prize; the bride, the wedding
heather graham: one wore blue, one wore gray
johanna lindsey: love only once, tender rebel, gentle rogue; prisoner of my desire
elizabeth lowell: untamed, forbidden, enchanted
judith mcnaught: whitney my love; once and always, something wonderful, almost heaven

romantic suspense
sandra brown: best kept secrets; french silk; mirror image; slow heat in heaven
nora roberts: honest illusions; public secrets; the reef; river's end; genuine lies; the witness; sanctuary

heather graham: and one rode west
elizabeth lowell: only his, only mine, only you, only love
francine rivers: redeeming love
nora roberts: montana sky
lavyrle spencer: the gamble

my true love gave to me: twelve holiday stories

January 1, 2017

why i wanted to read it: hello. rainbow rowell. duh. yall should know i'll read pretty much anything that's got her name on it. also it's a selection for erin's book challenge.

what i liked: from rowell's midnights:

noel swung his head around and made eye contact with mags. he raised his eyebrows hopefully; his eyes went all soft and possible. it was definitely a face that said, hey. is it okay if i kiss you?

"oh," mags said. "that's really good."

noel snapped out of it -- and made a face that said, well, duh. "of course it's good. i've kissed girls before" (page 6).

"they're playing our song," he said.

"they're playing 'baby got back'," mags said (page 8).

"what are we doing?" mags asked.

"i don't know..." he said eventually. "i know things have to change, but... i can't lose you. i don't think i get another one like you" (page 21).

from jenny han's polaris is where you'll find me:

it's snowing, of course. there's always snow on the ground here. it makes everything look diamond dusted. the thing about snow is, it's very quiet. the air is hushed. it's like church.

it's reverential (page 96).

living where i live, it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between magic and make believe (page 98).

from david levithan's your temporary santa:

i want them to see me holding his hand. i want to be holding his hand. i want him to love me when i'm naughty and when i'm nice. i want. i want. i want.

i am worried about being in love, because it involves asking so much. i am worried that my life will never fit into his. that i will never know him. that he will never know me. that we get to hear the stories, but never get to hear the full truth.

"enough," i say to myself. i need to say it out loud, because i need to actually hear it (page 145).

it should be enough as i step over him and see the welcome in his eyes. it should be enough to see his hair pointing in all different directions, and the fact that there are cowboys on his pajama pants and he is telling me he can't believe he fell asleep. it should be enough that he is beckoning me now -- it should be enough to join him in the bed, blanket pulled aside. it should be enough to feel his hand on my shoulder, his lips lightly on my lips. but something is not right. i still feel that, in some way, i should not be here (page 147).

from holly black's krampuslauf: 

when i was a kid, i didn't understand that santa's elves weren't the kind from storybooks. i thought his toy shop was staffed with fauns and boggarts, sprites and trolls, goblins and pixies. before mom left, when i made lists to give to santa, they were always full of magical things. i wanted a cloak that could make me fly. i wanted a tiny doll, no bigger than my finger and as perfectly jointed as a living person. after mom left, i wanted crystal balls with which to scrye my mother and magical chalk that could draw me a doorway to her, and a magical potion i could make her drink that would make her care about us (pages 130-131).

our first christmas together, anne sewed me a tiny doll with jointed cloth limbs and thin embroidery floss for hair. i guess dad told her about my old christmas lists.

i didn't let her know, but i'd teared up when i saw the doll. i was too old for it, but i didn't care. i carried her around in my purse, until she got too sticky with jolly ranchers and marked up by pens that i had to retire her to a bookshelf in my room (page 159).

"we brought gifts," the boy... said, and the blond reached into his coat and brought out a bottle of clear liquor. he removed the cork with his teeth. "mine is holiday cheer" (page 169).

that was the moment i decided that since magic was real... since i'd made this party out of two hundred bucks and sheer determination, then maybe i was wrong about the things i thought i couldn't have, that weren't for me. maybe it was okay to imagine greater things. maybe it was all for me, if i wanted it (page 175).

from gayle forman's what the hell have you done, sophie roth?:

she'd had defenders in that class. wingmen. even if she hadn't noticed them. hadn't noticed him. the truth was, she didn't notice a lot of things at school. she kept her head down, wore blinders. it was a survival tactic. only now did she wonder if it was a stupid survival tactic, like wearing a life jacket made of metal. 

"i asked about you, after the class... but i never spotted you for more than a blur. until tonight... i was debating saying something. you were looking pretty fierce, not fit for company... but then you mentioned ned flanders, and i had to say something" (pages 195-196).

what if the mistake wasn't coming here, but being blind to any of that? 

what the hell have you done, sophie roth? she thought to herself for the umpteenth time. but it felt different now (page 199).

from myra mcentire's beer buckets and baby jesus:

shame leads to secrets, and secrets lead to lies, and lies ruin everything. especially friendships. no kid wants to explain that his mom can't bring snacks to class because she ran out of xanax before the pharmacy would refill the prescription. other parents stop inviting you to birthday parties, because you don't reciprocate. no one asks you to join sports teams, because you never meet the registration deadlines, and if you do, no one ever remembers to pay your league fees. soon enough, people forget you altogether.

so you do things that make them remember (pages 210-211).

the story by stephanie perkins called it's a yuletide miracle, charlie brown. that one and the first one by rowell -- noel and mags are amazing -- are my favorites. welcome to christmas, ca by kiersten white's alright.

what sucked: the last two stories. that even though i marked pages of others because i liked what was written, i didn't love the stories so much.

having said that: it's not a bad collection. my biggest complaint is the stories i loved were way too short and the stories i loathed were much too long.

ten things to celebrate in january: a scavenger hunt

December 30, 2016

one. january tenth. peculiar people day. peculiar: strange; odd; unusual; funny; curious; bizarre; weird; abnormal; exceptional; extraordinary; remarkable; puzzling; mysterious; perplexing; baffling; suspicious; eerie; uncanny; unnatural; freakish; fishy; creepy; spooky; eccentric; unconventional; wacky; oddball...

read or watch miss peregrin's home for peculiar children. what's the first word on the tenth line of the one hundred tenth page or what's being said in the seventieth minute of the film and by whom? also, write a letter to the strangest person you know telling him or her what you most appreciate about that person's character. lastly, what makes you peculiar, and how do you feel about that trait or talent?

two. january twelfth. feast of fabulous wild men day. my mother thinks the most fabulous wild man is tarzan. fact AND fiction, who are yours and why? take a picture with the factual one, if you can. share a favored line of dialogue by the fictional one, if you can't.

three. january thirteenth. make your dream come true day. what's a dream of yours? do one thing that works toward making that dream a reality. sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. and i promise you, something great will come of it (benjamin mee -- we bought a zoo). be bold, be bold, and everywhere be bold (herbert spencer).

four. january sixteenth. appreciate a dragon day. what's your favorite film, novel or program that contains a dragon in it? if it's a film, what's being said in the seventy-sixth minute (this is a corrected time; for those of you who may have already accomplished this task, you may keep it at the original eighty-sixth) of the film and by whom? if it's a book, what's the sixth word on the tenth line of the first page? if it's a program, what's being said in the sixth minute of the tenth episode in the first season and by whom?

five. january twenty-third. national handwriting day. write a letter. WRITE it, as in put a pen or pencil to paper and fill a sheet of stationery with the words of your choosing, stuff it in an envelope, seal it, stamp it and put it in the post. let someone you love know you love them and why. because it's that time of the year when we all get a little down in the dumps, yeah? the echoes of the hurrahs from the holidays have faded. winter's setting in. warm that person's heart in a way that can be cherished for more than a millisecond.

six. january twenty-fourth. squirrel appreciation day. there's a book called scaredy squirrel by melanie watt. that squirrel's afraid of pretty much everything. chances are good that you're afraid of one of the things the squirrel is. do one thing that scares you (eleanor roosevelt). that thing you and the squirrel are afraid of? do a thing that pertains to that fear. AND THEN, help a friend face one of his or her fears that is similar to the squirrel's.

seven. january twenty-fifth. opposite day. wear a t-shirt backward for the entirety of your day.

eight. january twenty-eighth. chinese new years day. treat yourself and a friend to some chinese food. also, what's a trait of your chinese zodiac sign (i'm an ox, by the way. yay) that you do not have? how can you cultivate that characteristic? what's a trait that you do have? if it's one you're not proud of, how can you alter its prevalence?

nine. january twenty-ninth. national puzzle day. put a puzzle of more than five hundred pieces together. you can get a little help from your friends if you like, but i'd prefer you do this by yourself. because i'm evil like that.

ten. january thirty-first. inspire your heart with art day. spend a day at an art museum admiring the creativity of others. visit the gift shop, buy some postcards depicting artwork you favor and drop a grateful line to your craftier friends.

ten things celebrated in december: a scavenger hunt

December 27, 2016

one. december first. national pie day. also national eat a red apple day. buy, or if you're feeling especially awesome, bake an apple pie and take it to the servers of a favored restaurant. they bring you food and drink at your beck and call. be sweet and bring them some treats. in this case, i purchased goodies from pie in the sky and delivered them to my people at pappadeaux's.

shannon requested a chai tea latte
claire (right) with hanna
two. december second. national salesperson's day. when you're out shopping for those special gifts, ask an associate what a good pick-me-up would be. what can you do to put a bright spot in her day? chances are good it'll be a simple as a cup of starbucks or, in the case of one of my manager friends, a route forty-four diet coke from sonic with hardly any ice in it. while snagging some of those plaid coffee mugs for my dad's office, i got to visit with some of the gals at pottery barn. claire, who originally balked when i'd asked for a picture and then snuck in at the last second, shared her triple chocolate chunk cookie with hanna. so sweet, these ladies. i love them.

three. december fifth. bathtub party day. snag a favored scented shower gel from bath and body works (or wherever you go for that stuff... i'm partial to bodycology's white gardenia, which can be found at the grocery store for like four bucks), pour a glass of wine, put on some music or listen to a bit of an audio book you've been dying to read but haven't had the time. give yourself a blessed hour. your family will probably thank you for it.

four. december sixth. st. nicholas day. surely you know a nick or a nicholas. take some time out of your day to send a special note to that person. i wrote my great uncle, the monk living in utah.

five. december tenth. nobel prize day. here's a list of the laureates in literature. choose one and share a line or two from a work you admire.

of all the books i was supposed to read in high school the good earth was one of only two that i liked.

The old man let his scanty tears dry upon his cheeks and they made salty stains there. And he stooped and took up a handful of soil and he held it and muttered, "If you sell the land, it is the end."

six. december twelfth. poinsettia day. pick up one of these gorgeous creations and take it to a friend you've not seen in some time.

seven. december thirteenth. national cocoa day. take a breather from the christmas shopping. treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate.

eight. that just rolled out of bed look.
eight. december fifteenth. cat herders day. surely you know someone who's got one too many cats in his or her house. and surely those cats are wreaking havoc on the christmas decor. find a cute cat card and send it their way. they may be needing the reminder of why they love the things right about then.

nine. lunch with linda.
nine. december twenty-first. winter solstice day. the longest night of the year. the hardest time of the year for some. there are those who are grieving. there are those who are in the throes of some pretty wicked depression, and this time of year is NEVER good for them. find a way to bring them some warmth, to shed some light. check with your local service organizations and see what you can do to help those in need. take some flowers to a senior living facility. treat a friend who may be grieving to lunch or a movie. or just sit with them for a while. listen.

ten. december twenty-eighth. national card playing day. we spend so much time on our phones or sitting at computers being "sociable". try getting a group of friends together for a game of hearts or spades, uno, skip-bo or phase ten. turn the television off. sit at a table and enjoy each other. have a game night. unwind.

i spent an afternoon playing cards with two of my writing friends, ann and kelly. the latter brought with her a game called splendor, which is pretty nifty. i recommend you check it out.

a tale of two evenings

December 21, 2016

the characters: two girls are having dinner prior to catching a movie; one is married and has taken the time to meet with her unmarried friend while her husband gets his drink on with some of his friends. she is well-dressed, gorgeous, feminine--the kind of gal men are quick to notice. the other is dressed in a baseball cap, sweatshirt and jeans--the kind of gal she thinks men don't notice at all.

a group of guys--well-dressed, white-collar-types (probably oil and gas folk, engineers of some kind... science geeks)--are having dinner and drinks after work.

two servers, one female and one male.

the setting: bar louie; booth near the bar, not far from the bathrooms. prime real estate, really.

the plot: the single chick spots a handsome lad seated at the table between their booth and the bar. she debates with her married friend whether she should make an attempt to get his attention.

the conflict: the single chick has no game whatsoever. she is generally outspoken and boisterous, but she clams up when her interest in a man is piqued.

the resolution: after consulting her friend, their server (female) and a second server (male), the single chick with no game writes the following note on one of the server's notepads, used for taking orders:

hi there.
i need someone to go see star wars with me.
that could be you. 
(the chick in the baseball cap)

the single chick instructs their server to give the man whose piqued her interest the note after the two women have vacated the premises because she is, upon occasion, a fearful, pathetic wench who has no game.

the characters: the single chick from the previous tale.

a female bartender with mad skills and much game (mentioned in this post)

two guys, seated to the single chick's left.

the setting: pappadeaux seafood kitchen; the bar, near the to-go stand and the service bar.

the plot: the single chick is working on her manuscript. on this particular day, she has not brought her laptop with her. she has printed two copies of her manuscript, one on yellow paper and one on blue. the yellow copy has edits a friend has made. the girl is marking the blue copy with the edits she has chosen to accept.

the conflict: the bartender with the mad skills pours a schooner of beer. while waiting for the foam to settle, she prepares other drinks her guests have requested. when she goes to top off the schooner, she accidentally knocks it over and spills the beer all over the girl's manuscript, the girl and the guy seated next to her.

the resolution: the single chick manages to keep her cool; the bartender and she laugh it off. the guy bitches endlessly about how his three-hundred-fifty dollar shirt (which is ugly as fuck, by the way) is soaked. he later spills cocktail sauce on it and bitches some more.

the bartender comps his order of oysters.

the single chick goes to facebook and posts that she is seated next to the most pompous, bitchiest douchebag in existence, says she has a present for the bartender and shows her the text, which has the bartender smiling again.

*number changed to protect yours truly

reading recap: the sixth

December 17, 2016

the ones i've read
eleanor and park
the fault in our stars
the language of flowers
one day
redeeming love
i see you everywhere
the perks of being a wallflower
a school for unusual girls
just one day
where she went
if i stay
finding paris
the truth about alice
love is a mix tape
me before you
the royal we
dash and lily's book of dares
dr. bird's advice for sad poets
exile for dreamers
meant to be
the statistical probability of love at first sight
the silver linings playbook
thirteen little blue envelopes
love and other perishable items
after you
makeovers at the beauty counter of happiness
fifty shades darker
fifty shades of grey
the time of my life
all there is: love stories from storycorps
the testament
the chance
the wit and wisdom of mark twain
how to love
julie and romeo
the phantom tollbooth
thin, rich, pretty
this is what happy looks like
fifty shades freed

the ones i'd started
interpreter of maladies
gone with the wind
the book thief
the help
the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian
althea and oliver
six impossible things
this is where i leave you
a stained white radiance
forever amber
two kisses for maddy
so long insecurity
the sisters mortland
how to eat a cupcake
another piece of my heart
mennonite in a little black dress
the noticer
maximum achievement
rays of the dawn
the fountainhead

the ones i (wish i could've) took back
because they bored me
every day
whiskey beach
gates of fire
just one year
if he had been with me
anna and the french kiss
the arrivals
how to be single
crime and punishment
looking for alaska
an abundance of katherines
the best of me
a casual vacancy
if you could see me now
lucy sullivan getting married

and a bunch of others whose titles i've forgotten.

i've decided i'm gonna keep the recap list going indefinitely.
right now i'm at forty-eight.

let's get some christmas up in this bitch

December 16, 2016

there is no tree at our house yet. i finished my christmas shopping yesterday and got gifts wrapped last night, but even without the tree, i kind of like my little stack of christmas cheer in the corner of our family room. and it makes the perfect backdrop to show off the goodies that i got from janell at three arrows. she sent me two of my favorite things: literature and music. i'm excited to crack open that book and cd. i made myself wait until today to rip off that cellophane.

how interesting is that i drew janell's roommate, sammy, in this gift exchange! you can see what i sent her here. and you can see what sammy got janell here. all this giving and cheer is courtesy of mattie at northwest native and olya at the siberian american. i'm grateful to all for the holiday spirit!

tuesday topics

December 13, 2016

once upon a time and with a fellow blogger's help, lauren had a linkup called tuesday topics. she and her cohost tiffany put out a list of the topics for the next ten tuesdays. it was the only linkup i participated in fairly regularly, and i was kind of bummed when those two ladies bid the thing farewell.

well, she and i are bringing that thing back, yall. come january third, she and i will be posting regularly on tuesdays, beginning with TEN new years resolutions. chances are good i can keep at least one of those, right? i'd love to see what kinds of things yall come up with and hope yall will play along.