September 16, 2014

the pick ten: eighth issue

one. repurposing an old dresser for neat bench seat. and this has been parked in iphoto for so long, waiting for me to do one of these posts, that i've forgotten how i found it. i sort of dig it (even though it's painted, and i am NOT a fan of painting wood... i'd probably stain it, instead).

two through five. my friend jenn called my attention to the next batch of photos via a random assortment of facebook pages. 

six. lauren wrote about her home state of arizona. and posted the below photo, which i found amusing.

seven. xena the warrior dog. the saved becomes a savior. and my heart... my heart, it lives for stories like these. (i just learned of this story the other day, by the way, so... not new, but new to me.)

eight. shannon's post about changing light bulbs.

nine. conversations with gladys. i'm sure you've heard them before. these are good go-tos for the darker days when i could use a good belly laugh. oh, honey. let me tell you. we got... austin, texas had a little bit of ice and two flakes of snow, and they shut the whole city down... the local news, they showed a icicle hanging off a fellow's roof to his house, and that was the big news here in austin, texas. (i only learned of these a couple of months ago, so i'm late to the party for this, as well. like the tale of xena, i put it here so that i can find it again later.)

ten. argo, the lincoln lawyer and the hundred foot journey. of the films i've seen this month, these are the best by far. (it's not too late to join in on the fall film challenge, yall. come on! play along! five people will each receive a redbox gift card for ten bucks, and one will score one to amazon for fifty bucks!)

lots of good in these here parts, too...

texas a&m university/kyle field
lake conroe
sam houston national forest
bernhardt winery
the bluebonnets in the spring!
blue bell ice cream
the cynthia woods mitchell pavilion
mercer arboretum
and, of course, the city of houston

lots of trees in these here parts

lots of switches to pick. 

my parents spanked me all the time, and i'm sure i deserved it.
but they never once used a tree branch, and the only marks they put on me
were red welts from a belt on my denim-clad butt that quickly faded.

September 6, 2014

sucker punches

i got pulled over tonight. a friend and i saw the hundred foot journey, which is amazingly good and lovely by the way. it'd been a good day. i got a pedicure. i played my best game of hearts today. i had a good day at work. brio's had italian wedding soup (this is not always the case). it didn't rain; i thought for sure it was going to because there was that tropical storm that blasted mexico, and in the past few evenings, we've seen some pretty impressive cloud cover here, no doubt because of dolly. i wouldn't've minded rain, except phineas does not have a functioning air conditioning system, and so i'm driving with the roof open and the windows down; i did not want to get drenched. i browsed a bit in barnes & noble, straightened a bay of books, skimmed a couple of pages of some michael connelly novels, managed to entice a woman to read the language of flowers rather than some sophie kinsella crap. spent some quality time with a friend and watched a REALLY good flick.

for the most part, it was a really good day.

the not-so-attractive bits: i planted my left hand smack dab in the center of a fire ant bed, so now i've got some lovely little bite marks all over it. i've some sort of an infection that's wreaking havoc somewhere in my digestive tract (i'm almost done with the antibiotics, thank god), and the ice cream, popcorn and coca-cola i had right before and during the film was just too much for my still-weakened system, so i got sick. on my way to a convenience store to purchase a roll of tums and a bottle of water, some guy in an s.u.v got too close to me; his lights blinded me so that i couldn't see the road well. i put my hazards on in hopes that he would use one of the other two vacant lanes to pass. but he stayed where he was. so i stopped. he stayed where he was. i stuck my hand out and gestured for him to go by. and then i saw the outline of the lights atop his car. which is, of course, when he turned those lights on.

no biggie. i just have to tell him that i have special k vision and couldn't see. and then i have to tell him that i don't wear contacts or glasses, that my eyes were crossed when i was born, that i have no depth perception because of it, that it can't be corrected, that at night i rely very heavily on what i see in my mirrors, that i couldn't see because of the lights.

all i want is some tums.

i don't want to think about the conversation the friend and i had before the film started--about what i'm doing with my life, what i'm not doing and why i'm not doing it. i don't want to think about the comment a woman left on my facebook page today--the only therapist i'd seen in my adolescence that i respected, the only one who seemed to respect me... i don't want to think about how, maybe, just maybe if i'd actually had the courage to tell her what troubled me then, that i'd be so much better off now. i don't want to think about the fact that i don't have a passion for anything. i just want the tums and the water and my bed.

so i pull into a parking lot, tell the cop that i've those vision issues and wait for him to do his initial check and come back so i can tell him that those issues can't be corrected. and there before me is this tree. and all the leaves are golden. dry. dead.

i feel like that tree. and i really wish my brain would leave me alone. i'm tired of the sucker punches. i'm tired of the battles. the losses and failures.

copper lets me go. i get my tums. i go home. and cry. again. and then i sit down to jot a quick note on facebook that more people need to see that movie.

i look to my left at a printout my mother's left on her desk. an email. a spiritual thought for the day.

it's a passage from john o'donohue's anam cara: a book of celtic wisdom.

i won't quote the whole thing. this is a long enough post as it is. but this, the beginning of beannacht for josie:

on the day when
the weight deadens
on your shoulders
and you stumble,
may the clay dance
to balance you.

that passage... the fact that it was there, in such a spot that my attention would be drawn to it... that must be the clay.

September 1, 2014

the good in my day: august

lunch with maria. dinner with dianne. i sold a lot of stuff at work. seabiscuit. swimming. hearing my older brother's name called over the p.a. in the airport just before my younger brother and i caught a flight to colorado to attend my cousin's wedding. going to the aquarium with another cousin, his wife, child and father. lunch with my aunt and uncle and cousins. the beautiful evening outdoors for the ceremony. playing cards with my mother and aunt. dinner and skip-bo with a neighbor's family. the red, patent leather shoes i bought at macy's. the third interview i had at a high school for an instructional aide spot--maybe i could've done better, overall, but i was pleased with many of the answers i gave, and that hardly ever happens. the email erin sent, just checking in. the two days i spent caring for the wonder twins. feeding the ducks. not losing them at the mall or chuck e. cheese's. the lego store. the letter and surprise i got in the mail from a former employer. playing tennis with the neighbors. actually hitting the ball with the racket... quite a few times and well enough that it soared over the net to the back of the court. harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. my friend victoria. the trailer for the theory of everything. the costume i got bambam came in today; it wasn't supposed to get here until october. houston's skyline. surprising karen with a gift after her back surgery. joe perry on guitar. that i got another saturday off without having to ask for it. the staff at optimum emergency room on research forest drive; i loathe all things related to hospitals and emergency care, but i also loathe infections, and (for you local peeps in need of a good twenty-four hour clinic) this place was pretty phenomenal. mike myers on david letterman.

the good in my day

i read in a magazine or on a website or something... somewhere... about how one should write down the most beautiful thing about the day. and that looking at this list will help a person see her life differently, more positively.

home. the library. assisting a design specialist with an in-home consultation. the lincoln lawyer. work. the hundred foot journey. conversations with stephanie. mom's brownies. the compliments i got on my attire. i finally (FINALLY!) got all the images (so far) uploaded to facebook for the film challenge.
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