May 29, 2015

saturday spotlight: blogiversary bash results...and then some

okee dokee. i've decided to call an end to the festivities a few days early. it's my party, and i can if i want to. :]

thank you to everyone who participated, especially those of you who hung around after the festivities began and involved themselves in all the things i'd lined up.

the results are thus:

nine blogiversary bashers contributed guest posts. the one i found to be the best-composed and most inventive was shane's comparison of relationships to copper; tiffany's tutorial on making flower crowns received the greatest number of comments--twenty-one; and erin's post about cotton and comfort raked in the most page views--one hundred seventy-nine.

a fourth prize will be given to the individual who left the most comments in the month of may. for the sake of fairness, one person cannot score two of the four prizes. it is for this reason that a concession had to be made in respect to the winner of the fourth prize. in actuality, erin left the most comments with sixteen, but the award goes to kristie, who offered twelve. lauren, by the way, left eleven and amy left ten. i thank you four ladies immensely for reading picky so frequently and leaving it so much love. yall are rock stars to me. bless you.

winners for these four prizes will be contacted individually.

i was trying to have little trivia contests throughout the month as well, but with the weather being what it is and the month kind of wearing on me, that one sort of fell by the wayside. i do want to thank kristie and lauren for their emails. i thank you ladies very much for playing. i have put your prizes in the mail, though i will admit, kristie, yours didn't go out 'til memorial day. sorry for the delay.

i have also concluded the picky pack giveaway a day early. amy won that particular prize. please go congratulate her. she's a sweet, sweet gal, yall. a good, kind soul who i think may be struggling in the blogging world, like i do from time to time, with her confidence.

i regret to say that no one completed the scavenger hunt. maybe i made it too long. i wanted it to be tricky. i kind of figured fifty dollars to nordstrom's was kind of a nice prize. i was quite certain someone would want it and would take the time to play. i was really looking forward to seeing what responses i'd gotten from that.

last but not least--and this is ONLY OPEN to those who contributed bash posts--there are two fifteen dollar gift cards, one to itunes and one to target, to the first person who can tell me what the blogiversary bashers' posts have in common. answer in the comments.

thank you, again, SO much to those who participated. i love you all for having done so.

a photo for friday

today was meant for the last of the blogiversary bash posts, but sadly the lady failed to turn hers in. she was to write about either tin or jewelry.

so i have for yall a picture from my desk of some favored star wars paraphernalia found at hallmark. i love these little tins, and they only cost five bucks!

May 28, 2015

thankful thursday

today, i am thankful that stewart creek in the front of my subdivision has not flooded its banks. here's hoping it can hold out a few more days...

May 26, 2015

blogiversary bash guest post the ninth: meredith

today i have for yall a guest post by meredith over at pile of babies. this girl cracks me up, yall. go say howdy.

I Was Given The Word, “Willow,” So I Am Going To Talk About Tits

To celebrate her awesome blog's anniversary, Jenn gave me a choice of two words to write about: “pottery” or “willow.” I chose “willow,” because all “pottery” makes me think of is that scene in Ghost where they're making a pot together and how annoyed I would be by that if I was Demi Moore (“Dammit Patrick, can a bitch finish a mug?!”) The word “willow” on the other hand makes me think of two things: weeping willows (nothing to say), and tits (lots to say).

The first thing I associate with “willow” is the song, “Tit Willow,” known by cultured people as a song from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera, The Mikado, and by me as the song Sam the Eagle and Rowlf sang together on The Muppet Show. It's important to add here that in The Mikado, “Tit Willow” is a song of unrequited love sung by a “dicky bird.” It'd be too good to be true if it weren't completely true.

 Tit is a pretty harsh word; it sounds crude even if tits themselves are not. I am amazed at how often the word “tit” came up in my childhood. Besides The Muppet Show, I remember a well-intentioned music teacher trying to teach my fifth-grade class how to sing the song, “Lake Titicaca.” There cannot possibly be a worse song to teach to a group of fifth graders.

Lake Titicaca is the most magnificent and unfortunate name for a body of water in all the world. It's like whoever discovered the lake told his eight-year-old son he could name it whatever he wanted as long as he stopped making whatever repetitive, annoying sound he had been making for the past fifty miles.

Titicaca is a name that is impossible to say without laughing. So is, unfortunately, the Willow Tit, an adorable bird that belongs to the tit family of birds called Paridae. Let me quote to you from the Willow Tit's wikipedia page:

“In the east of its range it is much paler than marsh tit....”
“The willow tit is distinguished from the marsh tit by a sooty brown instead of a glossy blue black cap....”
“Birds feed on insects, caterpillars, and seeds, much like other tits.”

If none of that made you giggle, then you are much more grown up than I am.

So to sum up, “willow” is “tit,” and happy anniversary to Jenn!!

May 25, 2015

motion picture monday

released: 2001.
starring: cate blanchett, billy crudup, michael gambon.
what makes it awesome: cate blanchett. and it's a beautiful story.

released: 1987.
starring: mathew modine, vincent d'onofrio, r. lee ermey.
what makes it awesome: r. lee ermey. 

released: 2005.
starring: benjamin bratt, joseph fiennes, connie nielsen.
what makes it awesome: this film is beautiful. i remember watching it in the theater and wishing i could have prints of some of the scenes the cinematography was so stunning. the story is miraculous in so many ways: it's about the largest u.s. military rescue effort in its history. it's long at times, but so, so worth watching. i loved the story of connie nielsen's and joseph fiennes' characters. and i loved seeing how awesome our military can be. 

four. incendies.
released: 2010
starring: lubna azabal, melissa desormeaux-poulin, maxim gaudette.
what makes it awesome:the story. it's haunting and horrific and shocking and so beautifully told. it's a foreign film, and i don't usually watch those, but this one... it's amazing.

released: 2003.
starring: tom cruise, ken watanabe, tony goldwyn.
what makes it awesome: ken watanabe. the music. the cinematography.

released: 2003.
starring: russell crowe, paul bettany, billy boyd.
what makes it awesome: paul bettany. and the ending's pretty nifty.

released: 1998.
starring: tom hanks, tom sizemore, edward burns.
what makes it awesome: it hooked me from the beginning. i loved every actor's performance in this film. also a good tribute to what makes our military great.

the good in my day

i read in a magazine or on a website or something... somewhere... about how one should write down the most beautiful thing about the day. and that looking at this list will help a person see her life differently, more positively.

watching my nephew's t-ball game.
the family picnic in the park. the drive home from baker street this evening: i managed to time it just right so that the sun was right above the tree tops and the sky was blushed and golden and the clouds were a dusty lavender; i had the windows down and the music up (the cult's
she sells sanctuary); i love coming home at this time of day because the neighborhood's so green and peaceful. the note i got in the mail. the parking spot i got right in front of baker street. june. crystal. catherine.

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